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Can anyone help me set up plex please?

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I don’t know what I’m doing at all. I bought plex pass and UnRAID pro. Have a new system I’ve built (2 18tb hard drives, 2 1tb nvmes, i5-12400, 32gb ddr4 ram). I finally got it all set up and I realized I know literally nothing about how to use UnRAID lol. I set one hard drive as parity, other as data, one nvme as cache pool, and I assigned the other nvme as a cache drive and named it apps. My intent is to use the apps nvme for plex and whatever other apps I install. 

I haven’t yet created a share so I can’t yet install plex from the apps tab. I am trying to follow the trash guides plex guide (https://trash-guides.info/Hardlinks/How-to-setup-for/Unraid/) and it seems easy enough but I don’t know how to adapt it to my system. Does anyone know what I should do to get it set up the way

that I want? Do I go ahead and just follow that guide? Thank you!

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