unraid and lancache "chunk timeout" issue


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Wondering if anyone can help me though I'm not super great with unraid or lancache.i installed lancache on a fresh unraid install using this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_whEitUy0mQ&t=2s however i keep encountering problems, lancache will cache so to speak for a few seconds maybe even a few minutes and then fail due to chunk time out and i just dont know how to fix it if im honest. Any help appreciated, also i know its not in the main docker container section but it woundnt let me post there.


kind regards

Ps i have added steams content log 


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I am having this problem as well, after Steam successfully using the LANCache it eventually comes up with "Forgetting cache type LANCache on host due to chunk timeout" and refuses to use the cache for the rest of the download.


I hope we can get some help with this!

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