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SAS drives show unassigned, but can't assign them

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First off, I'm a complete noob and have no idea what I'm doing, and I'm also on the trial license at the moment.

I have a Dell R710 with an H200 LSI card, with 3x 8TB Seagate SAS drives.


All 3 drives pass the diagnostics in the Dell tools...  And they seem to pass the diagnostics from within Unraid (still running the extended tests, taking forever).

I wish to use 2 as data, and 1 as parity.  When I attempt to assign them, they fall out of the unassigned list, but are also not in fact assigned to the pool.

Let me know if I need to collect more data regarding the issue.  Thanks!


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Didn't find it on the forum, but I'm trying a format:


root@ACME-TOWER:~# sg_format --format --fmtpinfo=0 /dev/sdc
    IBM-D050  ST8000NM0065      BCE6   peripheral_type: disk [0x0]
      << supports protection information>>
      Unit serial number: ZA1FN9Z30000C9522C3Q
      LU name: 5000c500ae380267
Mode Sense (block descriptor) data, prior to changes:
  Number of blocks=1953506646 [0x74702556]
  Block size=4096 [0x1000]

Taking forever... Will report back.

Thanks for that feedback!  Got me on track, I think!

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