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My first system hang, what to investigate.


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My so far very stable Unraid system froze last night, and I am investigating why.  I have lots of experience with Linux, and usually I dive right into the syslog, etc, but I only see information from the reboot.  As expected, a parity check is being done due to the improper "shutdown". What else can I do?  Are older syslog files saved somewhere?


My Unraid is running fairly old hardware that I have had since 2016 (i7-6700k), but it has been super stable for years running various services 24x7. I switched to Unraid back in September, and other than some fun learning issues, it has been great.




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19 minutes ago, Michael_P said:


Everything is in RAM which is why it's lost on reboot. You can set up the syslog server in Settings to mirror to flash if you need to

Makes sense, let me enable that.  


I was able to narrow it down to the system hanging at 1:10am MT.  (I have pihole running as a docker, and have a nice big gap in my graph.)

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