Creating a docker container "withings-sync" in my UnRaid server

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Hi, can someone please guide me how to create a docker container out of this Docker installation steps? 

GitHub - jaroslawhartman/withings-sync: Synchronisation of Withings weight


$ docker pull


this app/docker helps synchronizing an app "withings" that keep track of different body measures and the Garmin connect app. 


I have no clue how to get started to create this docker app. 

thank you so much for your time

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Hi, I know it's been a while but i've been working on this myself. Do you still need help with it? I found these resources:



I tried the maruina docker but it wasn't pulling from the updated withings-sync repo and gave me a type error. I ended up learning and pushing my own which seems to work for now but I really don't have a good grasp on what exactly i'm doing.


For now you should be able to run:

docker run -it -e GARMIN_USERNAME='<GARMIN_EMAIL>' -e GARMIN_PASSWORD='<GARMIN_PASSWORD>' -v /mnt/user/appdata/withings-sync:/root /bin/bash



withings-sync -f 2019-01-25 -v

which should prompt for a token

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