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Today we have 3 possible choices for SMB exports privacy on Unraid: Yes / Yes (hidden) / No


I have a little problem with "Yes" because it is too permissive and with "Yes (hidden)" which is too restrictive.


- With "yes" : it is possible to list all available shares, even when authenticating with "guest" or "anonymous" on \\UNRAID_HOST\

- With "yes (hidden)": In this mode, very well the share is hidden for guest/anonymous. However, even if I authenticate with a "real" user, they are hidden of course.


I use Solid Explorer on mobile, I would like to have a single shortcut to \\UNRAID_HOST\ to be able to list my shares to which I have at least read access. In "Yes (hidden)" mode I have to create a shortcut for each share. It quickly becomes a mess with many shares.


It would be nice to have :


* Yes -> The current behavior : export for all including guest/anonymous and Unraid users with or without access rights

* Yes (hidden) -> The current behavior, hidden for all

* Unraid authentication -> Listed only in case it's a unraid user, with a sub-option "Hide share if Unraid user doesn't have read rights on it".

* No -> Current behavior


I agree that this is not a very important feature, but more of a comfort feature where there is a lot of shares and privacy is best.


Sorry for my English,




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