Old Build Stopped Posting after Restart

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I have been running my Unraid NAS for over 4 years happily. 


The issue I am having started 1 year ago. I stopped my Nas for routine maintenance. Cleaning the dust of around it and cleaning the filters etc. Once I finished that it wouldn't start. I don't usually have a screen connected to it, after i realiezed that it wasn't starting I connected a screen. I remember at first I had blank screen and spent some time getting into the bios. I really struggled to get an output and get to the bios. I don't remember how but I ended up in the bios and reconfigured the usb key as the boot device. 


Now I always have a screen connected to it, so today I updated unraid.  Restarted the unraid and all was good, I had output on the screen and everything was running. Then I stopped it. 


Now I am back at what I had 1 year ago. Nothing displays on the screen, I have no lights on the keyboard(leds or the capslock) and it's not booting. There is no activity on the usb key either. 


I tried to access the Bios, ESC, Delete, F2, nothing. I disconnected all the drives usb keys, still nothing. I also tried switching the ram without success. 
Edit: So the fans are running, the drives makes noise at start. 


The issue is last time I had the issue I couldn't reproduce it, after a shutdown start all was good.


I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. It's not really an unraid issue; but not sure where else to post. 


Any ideas would be welcomed. Thanks

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