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  1. Hello, If you were running nextcloud 17; like me you didn't keep nextcloud up to date, version 17 is not officially compatible with php 7.4. By chance the upgrade scripts do run on php 7.4. (revert back to the previous version if you tried to pdate manually); If you are runnning an even earlier version of nextcloud, this will probably not work; You should do a backup of the database as well before attemting this, as if one of the upgrade scripts fails because of the php version your database will be in a strange half migrated state. So try this to your own risk. I did the following: docker exec -it nextcloud updater.phar This updated my nextcloud to version 17. But it couldn't run the upgrade scripts. By chance the upgrade scripts of v17 works with php 7.4. Open up appdata\nextcloud\www\nextcloud\lib\versioncheck.php and remove everything beside the <?php at the first line Now run the upgrade script docker exec -it nextcloud occ upgrade Disable maintenance mode docker exec -it nextcloud occ maintenance:mode --off Now re-run, docker exec -it nextcloud occ upgrade until there is no update left. Hope it helps, ; The best way to actually do it, would be by changing the image to get an older version; then run the upgrades; then update the image again. I couldn't bother with that
  2. I have a AV Access 4*1 HDMI KVM Switch. I am not happy about the usb switching (keyboard & mouse) but it's on unraid side; I had to play with some scripts and still its not stable. Ideal would be to passthrought the while usb controller but in my case not possible. But screen switching works great.
  3. Indeed it is, if you look your mother board supports it, you have an m2 port just under the CPU. It's faster then Sata3, I used it just to gain a sata port. For TRIM just install the "Dynamix SSD TRIM" Plugin.
  4. I have a bit of experience with the power lines. They can work wonders but they have limitations. The most important one is with 3 phase electric installations; in which case if the plugs concerned are on different phases they will not work at any reasonable speed. At my parents we have 3 of them. 2 of them are connected at over 100mbs speeds but the one-third one in the basement is barely managing 2mbs. They are also affected by electric variations, my previous apartment had electric heaters and when they turned on in caused important slowdowns (which in the end meant I put an ethernet cable). I would say if you know someone who has any you should try out; its the only way to be sure.
  5. @Foereaper I confirm that the windows VM using 3 cores instead of all cores fixed the audio/video desync I just spent 30 minutes watching youtube while playing a game just for this purpose, my cpu load is well as you can see And no issues at all On the other hand I need to test the gaming when I have finished installing a few other stuff as well at the moment not very happy but I do have a few background stuff running on the nas side so I need to wait for those to finish.
  6. Indeed I did, but haven't had much time to look more into it. I don't often use the PC to watch videos, and it seems okay with streams or with games. I have recently played with more core configs and now the Windows uses only 3 cores seems fixed. I need to test some more before being able to give a definitive answer
  7. Hi, So I have received my M2 Cache drive as well as both my 2TB drives. Installed everything as well as 8gb more Ram I had lying around and power it up to. And of course things didn't go that well, the computer started and I got a Kernel Panic when unraid started. After a restart the motherboard wouldn't even post Removed disks to no effect Removed the m2 drive (which is a not fun as I had to remove the cpu cooler in order get it in place). And completely forgot about the ram, which I was using at work 4 month ago and used to be in this computer before. Finally I thought about that and it started back again. Houraa. After a week using it I am mitigated about having everything on one machine. + Space save + I can create VM's with ease and test os's and stuff + Stuff on my computer is backed up - My i5 is definitively not powerful enough, - I got a KVM to switch between my working laptop when I do home work and the main computer (so screen, keyboard, mouse) and it's very heptic. I found a few scripts but they are not solving the issue 100% So if I want to continue with this I need to spend more money to upgrade to atleast a 6 core i5 or even an i7 to be on the safe side for the future. But well for now alot of waiting while preclear runs on my new disks.
  8. Hi, First of all thanks alot for all these community tools. I ended up here looking for a way to make my KVM work with unraid, everytime I switched PC's the VM which has unraid on it lost the usb devices which was quote annoying. I ended up finding the "USB Hot Plug for VM's with no passthrough" script. I had 2 issues. For some reasons, I have everything in a single bus and I wanted to ignore some of the usb devices. The KVM switches 3 devices, the kvm, mouse & keyboard. Having 3 of them switch simultaneously seems to create issues as one of them don't work randomly in windows I fixed these by : Adding a $ignoredDevices variable with the name of the devices I want to ignore Added a $waitBetweenPlugs delay, basically for plugging and unplugging it will wait a bit in between. #!/usr/bin/php <?PHP #backgroundOnly=true #description=A script designed to monitor a USB hub or a particular USB bus for changes and then attach or detach devices to an applicable VM /* * Configuration's */ $vmName = "Windows 10"; // must be the exact name $pollingTime = 10; // the interval between checks in seconds $startupDelay = 300; // startup delay before monitoring for changes in seconds (set to enough time for the VM to get up and running) $waitBetweenPlugs = 10; // If using a device such a KVM mounting multiple usb drives at once can cause some issues with the host. Wait in between. $ignoredDevices = [ // List of device names that should be ignored. 'Ours Technology, Inc. Transcend JetFlash 2.0 / Astone USB Drive / Intellegent Stick 2.0' // must be exact as listed via lsusb ]; // only use one or the other of the following lines not both See thread for details #$hubName = "Texas Instruments, Inc. TUSB2046 Hub"; // must be exact as listed via lsusb $bus = "003"; // see thread for details /** * Code don't change from here on. */ function getDeviceList($bus, $ignoredDevices) { exec("lsusb | grep 'Bus $bus'",$allDevicesOnBus); foreach ($allDevicesOnBus as $Devices) { $deviceLine = explode(" ",$Devices); if (!in_array($deviceLine[5], $ignoredDevices)) { $initialState[$deviceLine[5]] = $deviceLine[5]; } else { logger("Ignoring device $Devices"); } var_dump(); } return $initialState; } function createXML($deviceID, $waitBetweenPlugs) { sleep($waitBetweenPlugs); $usb = explode(":",$deviceID); $usbstr .= "<hostdev mode='subsystem' type='usb'> <source> <vendor id='0x".$usb[0]."'/> <product id='0x".$usb[1]."'/> </source> </hostdev>"; file_put_contents("/tmp/USBTempXML.xml",$usbstr); } function logger($string) { echo "$string\n"; shell_exec("logger ".escapeshellarg($string)); } # Begin Main logger("Sleeping for $startupDelay before monitoring $bus for changes to passthrough to $vmName"); sleep($startupDelay); $hubBus = $bus; if ( ! $hubBus ) { $hub = explode(" ",exec("lsusb | grep '$hubName'")); $hubBus = $hub[1]; } logger("Monitoring $hubBus for changes"); $initialState = getDeviceList($hubBus, $ignoredDevices); while (true) { $unRaidVars = parse_ini_file("/var/local/emhttp/var.ini"); if ($unRaidVars['mdState'] != "STARTED") { break; } $currentDevices = getDeviceList($hubBus, $ignoredDevices); foreach ($currentDevices as $Device) { if ( ! $initialState[$Device] ) { logger("$Device Added to bus $hubBus Attaching to $vmName"); createXML($Device, $waitBetweenPlugs); exec("/usr/sbin/virsh attach-device '$vmName' /tmp/USBTempXML.xml 2>&1"); $initialState[$Device] = $Device; } } foreach ($initialState as $Device) { if ( ! $currentDevices[$Device] ) { logger("$Device Removed from bus $hubBus Detaching from $vmName"); createXML($Device, $waitBetweenPlugs); exec("/usr/sbin/virsh detach-device '$vmName' /tmp/USBTempXML.xml 2>&1"); unset ($initialState[$Device]); } } sleep($pollingTime); } ?> The KVM fix isn't perfect sometimes it still doesn't work I am going to try and spend some more time for maybe a better solution then a sleep. Lastly wouldn't it be better to have these scripts in github somewhere? grouped in one project?
  9. Thanks, DZMM, I realized yesterday that my current mobo supports VT-d as well. I am writing this from my VM inside Unraid. I am testing things and I have indeed realized that 16gb of ram is not enough. I need 12gb for some moded games I play on my computer and well 4gb for unraid and the rest is to little. So indeed 32gb of ram seems to be needed. 👍 I am quite surprised by the performance I am getting with my old i5, I can't use plex and play at the same time obviously but as long as I do one it works okay and I didn't have any fps issues on the games I tested with. I have ordered my self a new ssd as a cache drive (unraid detected that my current ssd is dying), and 2 drives once those come and I install an additional 8gb of ram that is somewhere in my mess, I will be able to play a bit more and have a better idea of the resources I will need. So really thanks for the idea, running it all in one PC works great at the moment, and I can test things up without actually spending money (well I would have bought the hard drives anyway).
  10. Hello, Thanks a lot for your insights, I have been scratching my head since Monday reading and watching videos with the pros & cons. I think I am pretty much convinced. The big pro for me is space and also I could actually have (if I buy a second GC) a linux desktop running as well. Running a Virtual KVM I can then control it through my Windows computer. So I was thinking something like this : CPU: Intel Core i5 8600K RAM : 16gb to start with MB: Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X GC: My current 970 PS: My Current Seasonic Gold 550W Case: My Current Fractal R5 I have just one concern with the VT IOMMU support, there are not much in the MB manufacturer websites about it, this MB seems to have. I will also see if I can get a deal for a i7 during black Friday with 8 cores as that would make more sense if I want to run 2 VM's in the near future. Thanks to let me know if you see anything wrong with my setup plans
  11. Wouldn't I need then a second computer(or mouse keyboard) to access the gui to start & stop the VM? Well I could give it a try on my current system and see. That could be helpfull space wise as well.
  12. Hello, I am in need of a bit of wisdom, 😊 At the moment I am running an old laptop with old drives as NAS/Plex server that was supposed to be temporary (it was already old 4 years ago). The main issue, I have no redundancy(is rsync can be called redundancy) since a drive died over 1 year ago. A bit of a rollercoaster since then, but finally I am ready to build my unraid server. Basically, I have 2 choices. A brand new NAS : CPU: Intel Core i3 8100 Storage : Seagate IronWolf - 6 To * 2 I intend to add 2 more later, Ram : 8gb DDR4 MB : Gigabyte B360M D2V Power Supply: I have an old Antec 430W Gold power supply. Case: Fractal Design Node 804 Cost : ~750€ Or I use my current PC and upgrade that one, in which case the server would be CPU : intel i5 4590 RAM : 16gb DDR3 MB : Asus H97M-E With same power supply and case, Cost : 450€ Nas + 600€ Upgrade The second option is more expensive as I need to but a more powerful CPU for my main rig. But less money goes into the actual server. What troubles me is I am running an older CPU, which I believe should be able to handle the encoding for plex but will be using more electricity and also the number of cores. I am also a bit concerned about reliability. I know my current rig is stable but it's 4 years old. If you see anything else wrong with my setup Thanks for your feedback,