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  1. I have the same issue with RC6. In my case my logitech unifying receiver is not passed through to my Windows 10 VM, I have to use the usb hot plugin to assign it to the VM. No problem with RC5. I also have experienced lock ups when attaching my Iphone via usb in RC6. Again no problem with RC5.
  2. Upgraded to RC6 and experienced spontaneous shut downs. I also experienced lock ups when attempting to attach my IPhone via usb. No problems with RC5 which I have down graded to. I've attached my syslog which I have been mirroring to my flash drive as well as my diagnostics file from RC5. I'll upgrade again to obtain a diagnostic file from RC6 if that would be helpful Let me know. I suspect the culprit may be the latest qemu which is implemented in RC6. Another suspect is the auto fan plugin which I disabled when I noticed my cpu temps were spiking which may have caused the shut downs but doesn't explain the lock ups when attaching my phone. tower-diagnostics-20191120-1239.zip syslog.txt
  3. I would check your usb flash drive for corruption. If you have a windows pc, run a file check on the flash drive and let it correct any errors.
  4. I didn't have this problem with RC5 which reverted qemu but I have it once again with RC6 with the latest stable qemu. I posted in the usb hot plug thread and the plugin author said it wan't a problem with his plugin. A minor annoyance.
  5. I have had 2 unclean shutdowns in the past 24 hours. To trouble shoot, I have enabled "mirror syslog to flash" in my syslog server. Are there any additional steps I should take to track down the suspects causing the shut downs? Thanks
  6. Reverting qemu fixed the problem I had with my Windows 10 VM when I had to manually detach my Logitech unifying receiver and then re-attach it to my VM in order to use my mouse/keyboard in the VM.
  7. Trying out 6.8.0-RC3. When I start my Windows 10 VM, I must detach my Logitech unifying receiver from the VM using the plugin ( I have a HDMI switch and I can switch back and forth from my VM and my unRaid GUI) and then reattach it for my wireless mouse and keyboard to be usable in the VM. I didn't have this issue with 6.7.2.
  8. I made some progress. After booting into my Windows 10 VM I switched back to the unRaid GUI and using the libvirt hotplug usb plugin, I detached the unifying receiver from the VM and then reattached it. Now I can use my wireless mouse and keyboard in ther VM. I'm starting to believe that the plugin is not fully compatible with RC3. I've attached diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20191023-1127.zip
  9. Same issue with RC3. Tried normal boot (Not GUI) same problem. I can use my VM with a wired mouse and keyboard so the issue lies with the Logitech unifying receiver. Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20191019-1140.zip
  10. Tried that, didn't fix the problem.
  11. Tried 6.8.0-RC1 and ran into a problem with my Windows 10 VM. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard connected through a Logitech Unifying Receiver. Under V6.7.2 when I booted unRaid into GUI mode I could use the mouse and keyboard. When I started the Windows 10 VM (passing through an AMD 5450 GPU) the unifying receiver was also passed through and I could use the mouse and keyboard in the VM. When I booted 6.8.0-RC1, the mouse and key board were not usable in the VM and when I tried to hot plug the receiver, I got an error messge that it was already being used by Qemu. BTW, I have an additional video card that unRaid boots into and I can switch back and forth from unRaid and the VM using a hdmi switch. In the case of v6.7.2, when the mouse and keyboard were usable in the VM, they were not usable in unRaid. In V6.8.0-RC1 the mouse and keyboard were usable in unRaid even after the VM booted. It's as though V6.7.2 would release the mouse and keyboard to the VM while V6..8.0-RC1 doesn't. Anyone else experience this problem?
  12. I had a similar problem. Here is a line from my fstab file. I'm running a ubuntu server 18.04 vm: Backup /mnt/Backup 9p noauto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device-timeout=10,timeo=14,x-systemd.idle-timeout=0,trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,_netdev,rw 0 0
  13. When I unmount and remove a disk that is an unassigned device I get the below errors. The disk is formatted as NTFS in Windows 10. When I remount the disk, the errors disappear. I mount the disk via a USB dock. Any thoughts? BTW, the errors in the log constantly repeat and I dont seem to have a device sdo. I've attached a diagnostic file . Oct 7 07:45:58 Tower ntfs-3g[3913]: ntfs_attr_pread_i: ntfs_pread failed: Input/output error Oct 7 07:45:58 Tower ntfs-3g[3913]: Failed to read index block: Input/output error Oct 7 07:45:58 Tower kernel: Buffer I/O error on dev sdo1, logical block 36, async page read tower-diagnostics-20191007-1153.zip
  14. I'm having a problem copying/moving files from my Windows 10 VM to sub directories in certain unRaid shares I've created. More specifically, I can copy files to a user share but not to sub directories created below the share. I get "permission denied." I can copy/move to the parent directory which is the share. Any thoughts?