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  1. That makes sense. I tried another estata caddy that doesn't have a port multiplier and the disk mounts.
  2. [Solved] Since upgrading to 6.9 I've been unable to mount drives which I have been previously able to mount on 6.8. Diagnostics are attached. I have an external caddy (StarTech) and I've tried both estata and usb connections, no luck. BTW, the drives mount via usb (hot plug) in my Windows 10 VM. Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20210417-1442.zip
  3. Thanks. I'll check the cabling, I guess vibrations could have loosened something as I haven't been tinkering around with the server.
  4. Diagnostics attached. Thanks. tower-diagnostics-20210313-0702.zip
  5. One of my WD Red HDs was disabled due to write errors. Could this be due to cabling, power connection issues? The drive is less than 2 years old. In any event, a new drive is on its way. I've attached a smart report. Thanks. WDC_WD20EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WCC4M7KKJXRN-20210312-2251.txt
  6. As the title states, I'm having difficulty setting up mail on my Ubuntu VM. I have a small home network and in addition to my unRaid box, I have a standalone PC running Ubuntu in which I have successfully set up Postfix and I able to send mail. When I attempt to send mail from my Ubuntu VM, it results in the error "dns=5.0.0, stat=Service unavailable." I have basically copied my Postfix config from my working Ubuntu installation, but apparently I'm missing something unique to the VM installation. In the vm I have set my host name as the fqdn. Any thoughts? As an afterthought, I have apps running on the vm which have built-in mail capability which are successfully sending email notifications so I suspect it's a Postfix or Sendmail mis-configuration. I would like to get this working as I have BackupPC running on the vm and it can only send email notifications through postfix or another mta.
  7. I often mount a drive in a Star Tech external caddy via esata as an unassigned disk. When it drops off line (without being unmounted, usually happens a few hours after mounting) the following error message is flooding the system log: Sep 18 10:31:01 Tower kernel: BTRFS error (device dm-0): bdev /dev/mapper/Unassigned_Disk_VM errs: wr 0, rd 8019, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 0 I have enabled esata in the motherboard bios for this sata connection. Any suggestions? Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20200918-1033.zip
  8. Going forward you can enable the syslog server in settings. It will write the syslog to your flash drive. I don't think you can recover the log once the system has rebooted if the syslog server wasn't enabled.
  9. Since the multi-language update to the Local Master plugin, the Yoda icon no longer appears on the dashboard banner even though SMB settings indicate my unRaid tower is the local master. Not appearing is the icon to the dark side leads. (As per Yoda.)
  10. Same issue with RC8 and RC9. I reverted back to 6.7.2 and no issue. I guess I should try to pass through the USB controller to the VM.
  11. I have the same issue with RC6. In my case my logitech unifying receiver is not passed through to my Windows 10 VM, I have to use the usb hot plugin to assign it to the VM. No problem with RC5. I also have experienced lock ups when attaching my Iphone via usb in RC6. Again no problem with RC5.
  12. Upgraded to RC6 and experienced spontaneous shut downs. I also experienced lock ups when attempting to attach my IPhone via usb. No problems with RC5 which I have down graded to. I've attached my syslog which I have been mirroring to my flash drive as well as my diagnostics file from RC5. I'll upgrade again to obtain a diagnostic file from RC6 if that would be helpful Let me know. I suspect the culprit may be the latest qemu which is implemented in RC6. Another suspect is the auto fan plugin which I disabled when I noticed my cpu temps were spiking which may have caused the shut downs but doesn't explain the lock ups when attaching my phone. tower-diagnostics-20191120-1239.zip syslog.txt
  13. I would check your usb flash drive for corruption. If you have a windows pc, run a file check on the flash drive and let it correct any errors.
  14. I didn't have this problem with RC5 which reverted qemu but I have it once again with RC6 with the latest stable qemu. I posted in the usb hot plug thread and the plugin author said it wan't a problem with his plugin. A minor annoyance.