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  1. Any recommendations for a Nvida card (mid to low price range) to be passed thru to a Windows 10 VM? I would like to connect to a monitor and speakers via HDMI.
  2. I'm on 6.7.2 and my monthly parity check speed has been cut in half from approximately 90MB/s to 50MB/s. Prior to 6.7.2 speed has been consistently around. 90MB/s. I've made no hardware changes. I've attached my diagnostic file. tower-diagnostics-20190701-1450.zip
  3. I'm looking at the above motherboard. Any issues with UnRaid I should be aware of? The reason I'm looking at this board is the number of pcie slots and it's compatible with my current AMD processor. Also I assume it's HVM and IOMMU compatible. My current board is an ASUS M5A97 and my CPU is an AMD FX8350.
  4. That was my first thought as the drive was inserted into an IStar cage, so I tried the drive in a dock to see if it was recognized as an unassigned device, same result. Once formatted in Windows it was recognized as an unassigned device in the dock. Weird.
  5. I attempted to replace a 1TB data drive with a 2TB WD Blue drive. Following the wiki, I stopped the array, unassigned the 1TB drive, powered down, replaced the drive with the 2TB, powered up the unRaid box, stopped the array but the 2 TB drive wasn't recognized. I removed the drive and it was recognized in my Windows PC. Tried again, same result. I once again tried the drive in my Windows PC but this time I formatted it. Now it was recognized in unRaid. Is this normal? BTW, I'm running unRaid 6.70 rc7.
  6. Turns out the culprit was my fstab file. Apparently some update to systemd caused a problem which was solved by adding the following code to my unRaid shares in fstab: noauto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.device-timeout=10,timeo=14,x-systemd.idle-timeout=0, Hope this helps others who my encounter this problem.
  7. I've been running a Ubuntu server 18.04 VM on Unraid 6.70 RC7. I've been backing up the VM weekly but have recently run into a problem with my latest backup. I was trying to change the cpu pining of my VM (with the my VM shut down) when I restarted, everything was borked. I tried booting my latest backup and it stopped after "Dependency failded for local file system." I successfully booted a previous backup but noticed my network interface changed (after running ip link) from enp9s0 to enp11s0. I edited network .conf and all was well. I also noted my couchpotato DB was corrupt (in root) and I deleted it as well. After updating the server using apt-get dist-upgrade i shut down and when I tried to reboot I received the same error. I've attached a screen shot of the boot screen. I booted several times with this backup but when I correct network.conf I have the same issue when I try to reboot. I am currently running the VM using the second to last backup but if I shut down, I'm sure I'll run into the same problem. Any suggestions on trouble shooting steps? Thanks.
  8. In addition to pinning the cores to my Windows VM, I isolated the cores, rebooted, so far, so good. Hopefully I excised the demons!
  9. I should have seen that coming...😂
  10. I'm running a Windows 10 Pro VM on UnRaid 6.7 0 RC5 and I'm experiencing occasional "demoic sound." I'm passing thru my on-board sound card (AMD Azalia (IntelHDA)) on my ASUS M5A97 R2.0 motherboard. I've run the MS-Util utility recommended in Space Invader's video. The demonic sound only occurs occasionally and I can usually correct it by opening and running sound the Windows sound configuration setup. I'm also passing thru a video card (AMD Radeon HD 5000/6000) and a Logitech mouse and keyboard (unifying receiver.) BTW, this issue existed in prior RCs and 6. stable release. Any thoughts?
  11. Updated to 6.7RC1. Nerd tools and Dev Pack both stuck at "receiving plugin information." Anyone else experience this? Otherwise works well and looks great.
  12. I'm running a Windows 10 VM with a wire mouse and keyboard. i'm trying to replace it with a wireless Logitech combo wireless mouse keyboard. There is one USB dongle for both wireless devices recognized by UNraid as a Logitech unifying receiver. When I tried removing the wired mouse and keyboard from the VM (using the GUI) I get the error, missing USB device. I can start the VM with both the wireless and wired mouse/keyboard attached. Windows recognizes both. Any advise as to how I should edit the XML file so as to not get this error? Thanks. SOLVED I edited the XML deleting reference to the wired USB mouse and keyboard and the VM now boots without them attached.
  13. I need a recommendation for a KVM switch. I have 2 video cards installed (my mother board, an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 has no on board video) in my UNraid box running v 6.6.6. I have a Windows 10 VM hooked up to a Radeon HD 500 card. The system card is an old PCI Radeon card. The VM works fine when directly hooked up to my Samsung monitor, however it only works intermittently when I attach a KVM switch I had lying around. The connections are DVI. Additionally, when the VM did display, it only displayed at 1024 resolution. Any suggestions on a switch?
  14. I have 3 HDDs in the iStar Cage. I have 2 fans in the front of the R5 case and 1 on the top of the case. The rest of the bays are fully populated with HDDs and I have 2 SSDs mounted in the side brackets. The temps seem ok to me. Generally the HDDs are 25 to 35 C depending on the load and the season. I live in NYC and have to crank up the AC in the Summer.
  15. after updating to 6.62, my VM is running, but the dashboard and VM tab shows it as stopped. Strange.