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Mounting USB Drives for File Transfer Issues

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Hi All,


I'm new to Unraid and just recently got setup and running on a new build. everything is up and running as expected, however I'm having an issue with transferring files via an external USB HDD. I've got the unassigned plugin and when I plug in my HDD via usb port, I can mount the drive and access the files I need. However, now it's intermittently mounting (even though auto mount is disabled) but with i click on the files it doesn't show anything there even though they are there. when i click unmount it doesn't do anything. 


I'm not sure even where to start to troubleshoot this issue. this has been my primary method of file transfer because my primary computer is owned by my company and they don't allow network connections to outside servers or i'd just use that method. 


Second question is, is there another way to connect to file transport without using another PC?




gigabyte Z690 UD DDR4

32 GB Mem

2x Parity 14 TB WD Reds

2x 4 TB drives

1 SSD Cache Pool


Latest Unraid version. 

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