UPS requirements check

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I would like to double check my calculations for planned UPS.


My unRAID server:

  • PSU: Seasonic X-Series X-650 KM3 650W ATX 2.3 (SS-650KM3)
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700
  • GPU: none
  • Drives:
    • M2 SSD: 1
    • SATA SSD: 2
    • HDD: currently 10 (max 15)
    • HBA: LSI 9211-8ihb


Use case: NAS storage for Kodi (no transcoding done on unRAID) and personal files. Docker and VM platform.

VM: currently none, planned is OPNsense and optionally 1 or 2 more.

Docker: Nextcloud, UniFi controller, YT downloader, PiHole... nothing too power hungry.


My unRAID is located in rack with other network gear and some of it I would also like connect to UPS.

Peak power consumption measured in past couple months (during this time there were several parity checks, so this is included) of all devices in rack is 255W (and power meter reports Power factor 0.8).


I am planning to add up to 5 more HDDs and 2 or 3 VMs, so power draw will increase, but I think it shouldn't go over 300W peak power, since not all devices will be connected to UPS.


I was looking for UPS with 500W (or more) and (if my calculation is correct) 625VA. If I understand correctly, this is max power draw that can UPS handle on both - battery protected and unprotected - outputs?


I found APC BX1600MI-GR and looks interesting, especially with more W/VA and longer run time.

My plan is to run unRAID no longer than 3-5 minutes on UPS. If power isn't back within that period, it is major problem or planned power disconnect.


I appreciate any feedback, so I will know if I am looking in right direction.

Please let me know if I missed anything.

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