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  1. I didn't get any information (searched unRAID forum and Googled it) to answer this question so I am asking again and adding some new test results. Uploading ~5GB test file to Nextcloud over local network: Before upload: Couple seconds after finished upload: Is this normal/correct way of uploading files to Nextcloud? NC container mappings: /data <--> /mnt/disks/nextcloud/nextcloud-data/ /config <--> /mnt/cache/docker/appdata/nextcloud unRAID version: 6.6.6 Edit: Found it! This only happens when I upload files from my Fedora PC via webdav/dav connection (davs://vaseer@nc.mydomain.com/remote.php/webdav). If I upload file via browser, docker.img size doesn't change. Is this bug or expected behavior?
  2. I have mappings for all containers configured and this happens when I upload ~5 GB file to Nextcloud: Before upload: Seconds after finished upload: After 10-20 seconds values return to same state as before upload. Is this container specific (if so, I will ask in NC thread) or could be something wrong with my docker configuration? My unRAID version is 6.6.6
  3. To clarify question: I am using Transmission container, which is using mapped volume /downloads <--> /mnt/disks/downloads for transferred data. docker.img is on SSD cache drive, /mnt/disks/downloads is unassigned HDD. In Transmission I see cumulative DL/UL data size of ~10 TB, which, if my calculations are correct, corresponds to cache SSD S.M.A.R.T. attribute "246 Total host sector write" which is 21877021800. SSD Sector sizes: 512 bytes logical, 4096 bytes physical. In addition to Transmission's data I also saw docker.img size increase when I uploaded some large files (couple of GB) to Nextcloud.
  4. Got so used to docker-shell command, that I totally forgot it is not build in to unRAID as default command 😀 I recommend watching Spaceinvader One tutorial, where he explains how to get and enable command.
  5. This still works. Instead of docker exec -it nextcloud bash you can use command docker-shell and you will get list of all Docker containers. Press corresponding number next to Nextcloud Docker and you will access Nextcloud shell. All other commands are still the same for this version of NC.
  6. Today I was uploading some files to my Nextcloud and one of them was 6 GB of size. When I was uploading this file, I got email notice from unRAID server "Docker image disk utilization of 72%". When the upload finished, I got new email notice: "Docker image disk utilization returned to normal level". This made me curious of how does file transfer or rather file write to Nextcloud storage works? I always thought that files are written directly to Nextcloud HDDs. But it seems that files are initially stored to Nextcloud Docker instance which is on cache SDD and then written to Nextcloud storage HDDs. Is this proper way for file transfer to Nextcloud or did I do something wrong with my configuration?
  7. I did WebUI upgrade from 16.0.1 to 17.0.1 and got same error as @T0a and @PSYCHOPATHiO. My solution was manual upgrade as described in this post. Nextcloud is now upgraded to version 17.0.1 and working. Edit: typo
  8. I have set transcoding temporary path to /ramtranscode (mapping it to /tmp in docker config), restarted the Emby docker and Kodi client but the problem still persists. I have changed one of the users' Vero 4K configuration to use Emby in native mode (not add-on) and all video files are working fine. Was reading around and got information, that transcoding is done only when Emby add-on on client (Vero, Kodi) send information to server, that it can not play original file. Most of "problematic" files are in MKV HEVC format. The most interesting part is that in native mode (with or without using Emby on client) all video files are working fine. Where/how does Emby add-on get information, that client can't play original file? I can't say for certain but something has had to change with Emby (server or client add-on), because I noticed same problem with video files that was working fine 1 or 2 months back. Setting "Enable hardware acceleration when available" to No doesn't resolve the problem. For all Emby users (on server) I have same Media Playback configuration: YES - Allow media playback NO - Allow audio playback that requires transcoding NO - Allow video playback that requires transcoding YES - Allow video playback that requires conversion without re-encoding If I have correct information, there is no way to completely disable transcoding on Emby (to always stream original file)?
  9. Transcoding is done on Kodi clients and all have same problem. Clients are: Vero 4K, Windows 10 PC (Ryzen 3 2200G), Ubuntu PC (i7 gen 3, with Nvidia GPU)...
  10. I am having problems with playback via Emby. In random time intervals (5 to 10 minutes) video stutters and then video and sound jumps back for about 30 seconds and keeps playing. Subtitles are displaying as nothing has happened and are not matching video anymore. This is not with all videos but just some of them (random), mostly movies (TV shows are OK - for now). If I restart video from beginning the problem keeps repeating but always in different time interval. Playback is done via Kodi on different devices (Vero, Chromebox, Windows PC, Ubuntu PC). Devices were on different Kodi versions (17.x and 18.x) and problem was on all of them. I have updated Kodi on all devices to latest version but problem persists. On Kodi I am using Emby add-on with "playback via add-on" (not native mode). If I play same videos (copy of the same file) via Kodi native mode, everything works fine. Problematic videos are on different discs in array, parity check and SMART are without errors. If I play problematic videos via VLC on PC (same file that is used via Emby), it works fine. EmbyServer docker is on latest version. I have restarted docker and unRAID server but nothing helps. I got information from other users that this problem has started to appear about 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions what should I check/try. Do you need any logs?
  11. I would like change SSL certificate for HTTPS WebUI and use my own certificate. Certificate is issued by self-signed CA (not Let's Encrypt cert). I am fairly sure that sometimes ago I read that SSL certifiacte can be changed. But I don't remember procedure how to do it, or where I read it and at this moment I can't find any instructions how to do it. How do I change SSL certificate? unRAID version: 6.6.6 Thanks
  12. Transmission, Extra Parameters not applied to container. I am trying to set Extra Parameters --dns= and when I hit Save or Apply I get response: Command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='transmission' --net='br0' --ip='' -e TZ="Europe/Budapest" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'TCP_PORT_9091'='9091' -e 'TCP_PORT_51413'='51413' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -v '/mnt/disks/downloads/':'/downloads':'rw,slave' -v '/mnt/disks/downloads/transmission-watch/':'/watch':'rw,slave' -v '/mnt/cache/docker/appdata/Transmission/':'/config':'rw' --dns= 'linuxserver/transmission' The command finished successfully! But when I check container config via WebUI, Extra Parameters field is empty. I have problem with Transmission container only. unRAID 6.6.5 Transmission docker container: latest (updated minutes ago)
  13. Well... the most obvious things are the easiest to miss for me... Thanks for the info.
  14. Hi. I have problem with Ombi. After last update of Ombi docker container on March 26th, it is asking me for initial setup of Ombi. I had Ombi configured and working for couple of months now and everything was fine. After last update it seems like Ombi has restored itself to factory defaults, with all configuration and data gone... I am using plugins Backup/Restore Appdata and Auto Update Applications for weekly backups and updates of appdata and all docker containers. I have tried to restore Ombi configuration (copying ombi folder form backup .tar.gz file to appdata with right permissions on folders and files) from several backups, but it is not working. Ombi keeps asking me for initial setup. Any idea why restore is not working? Where does Ombi save it's data (Ombi.db and/or Ombi.sqlite?) and config?