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Dear all,


I am using Unraid for about a month and really like it a lot. I installed several apps from the community store and I am very happy overall. However, suddenly I get the error "Download of appfeed failed." when trying to access the community applications from my main server. I cannot remember having changed anything related to this but for some reason I am unable to connect now. Didn't change anything (really not a single thing) on the router. I am testing Unraid on a second server and that is able to access community applications. So I guess it must be a config failure on the machine on my part. 


May I kindly ask to help me out? I compared both machine and wasn't able to find any configuration difference. I attached the diagnostics file. Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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I found the solution. While checking the diagnostics file I attached I found that the local time on the hard drives was shown as "Fri May 23 02:49:09 2014 CEST" which is clearly not today. Then I checked the Date and time and found the very same date shown. Then I checked the BIOS and found that my settings were gone and back to default. Long story short: The CMOS battery on the motherboard just died and upon reboot today everything was messed up. 


Changed the CMOS battery, set the date and time to the current and voila, community application work again. 


Sorry for having you bothered and please excuse if anyone already digged deep into the diagnostics

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