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Prometheus Exporter for Immich backup solution

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/friendlyfriend/prometheus-immich-exporter/general

GitHub: https://github.com/friendlyFriend4000/prometheus-immich-exporter

Feel free to open an issue on Github if you prefer it that way. I am also open to suggestions and ideas


Guide on how to set up the prometheus exporter:


1. Go to community applications, install immich and write down the webui port we gonna need that later.

Login with your admin account and create a api -key



2. Install Prometheus. I use ich777's image since i have his other plugins installed.



3. install grafana.



4. install immich exporter. Use the api-key you have created in step 1. dont use a hostname like 'immich.myweb.com', isntead use the ip address



5. Download the 'prometheus.yml' provided by ich777 and place it in your '.../appdata/prometheus/etc' directory on your unraid server:




6. Start or restart your Prometheus docker container and open its webui and click on status and chose targets



 exporter is up running successfully.



7. Open grafana's webui and click on import



8. download the dashboard.json from https://github.com/friendlyFriend4000/prometheus-immich-exporter/blob/master/grafana/dashboard-immich.json or copy and paste its content into the appropriate field


9. And you are done. enjoy!










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