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screen - Cannot find terminfo entry for 'vt100'


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unRAID: 4.7


When I try to start a process in a screen from a script; it's only saying "Cannot find terminfo entry for 'vt100'

Such as this example:


/usr/bin/screen -T linux -dmUS top top


"screen -list " shows all the screens.  Trying to reattach to any started by code returns only the error shown above.  Trying to reattach to any started manually works fine.




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Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I hit this error for a different reason (just trying to run screen, not calling it from a script) and this was the only search result that came up.  I wanted to append my results just in case anyone else finds this thread via a search.


I received this error using SecureCRT, my preferred telnet/SSH client, when trying to run the "screen" command just as one would normally.  What I found is that SecureCRT uses VT100 as a default emulation type and screen appears incompatible with that emulation.  You can try using different emulationsfor the connection, but I solved it by just using Putty.  In my case, there was no need to run the command or edit the go script referenced in this thread.

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