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  1. Is the webgui-master on github now? While the webgui what came in 5.04 is working, the process dies after a while so it becomes unavailable. Unmenu continues to work however.
  2. A 15 drive server for $900 isn't a bad price. If you decide to buy new please check out my store - see my sig below.
  3. Try using "rsync -avr" On subsequent backups it only gets files that are new or changed. If you are planning on leaving the drive in all the time then you could make a scheduled script with rsync in it. If you want to insert the drive periodically and have the backup run when the drive is plugged in then SNAP has events that fire like AFTER_SHARE that you could use to run the script automatically when the drive is plugged in.
  4. Seems slow to me. Running disconnected: You are probably telneting in to your machine. You can start up a screen session by typing screen at the command prompt. Then start up your copy process and it will be running in the screen session which will continue running after you disconnect the telnet session. I install screen for SNAP 5.0+ so it is available.
  5. Doh! I've not used an ntfs drive yet on the new SNAP version so I'll check into the zip file and get it into the next build.
  6. Is there some reason you chose 5.0b14? Can you try it on b13 or b12a? I know that on b14 drives can go red ball after having been spun down for some time. Got to eliminate something. Also, you said you have made changes to the security. I have to think that has something to do with it so you need to explain what you are doing with it.
  7. Hey that's great. Remember to install the updates.
  8. I think you are experiencing the Windows offline caching *feature*. You will have to disable it on your Windows machine. As to the fresh install of every app/plugin issue, SNAP doesn't install all those.
  9. I think you are not using the latest version of the plugin. The status column now has icons instead of the "M:yes, S:yes, B:no, P:null" text. The icons have tooltips. The B is for busy status - showing that someone is using a file on the share or even just browsing the share. You might even be running the early beta of the plugin which wasn't even able to install itself on reboot. The current has a version number in the header of the grid. And a link on the lower right "Check for Update" which can install new versions. The picture included below shows the status icons as all black, meaning not mounted, not shared, not busy. The D icon indicates whether the Drive is spinning or not (black for not spinning). The icons change color when the status changes. This picture shows the status just after I used the menu action (Eject) which sets the drive in a state ready to be removed. You can get the latest SNAP plugin installer (for unRAID 5.0) here.
  10. Good suggestion. I know it gets convoluted trying to find the latest download. I'm thinking I'll put it on the first post in the SNAP thread. I really don't know anything about AFP. Is it actually supported in unRAID's linux? One thing I would like to do is get some script code to be put in the aftershare event to create nfs shares. Maybe security settings could be applied to the share(s) in the after share event also.
  11. What browser are you using? Also, get the new version of the plugin. It has lots of things fixed.
  12. What version of SNAP did you install? It does sound like you installed the new SNAP 5.0 beta. Did you get it from here: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=5904.msg162583#msg162583 NOTE: The new version is now available here: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=18046.msg162098#msg162098 The SNAP web ui works in Chrome and Firefox for sure because I use both constantly. There isn't really a disk dropdown menu so I'm not certain what your referring to. I've attached some quick snapshots of what will be the next available build. It's pretty close to what you should see. I have one non-unraid drive on this test server and it's precleared but not formatted. In the pictures, I added a share name to that drive. But, since it's not formatted yet, the status still shows it as M:no, S:no, B:no, P:Precleared or Mounted: no Shared: no Busy: no Precleared: yes If you drive is actually formatted and it has a share name then you would be able to right click on the row (with your drive) and choose Mount and Share. It then would be mounted and shared and the status will change to show that. A drive that is precleared is not yet formatted. If your drive status isn't showing the P: flag then it might be formatted. Also, if the drive is part of the unraid array it won't be touched by SNAP in any way. What is in the Managed By column for that drive?
  13. The event script file used in the 5.0 version are are no different than the 4.7 ver. At the moment, to edit the /boot/config/plugins/snap/hotPlugAfterShareEvent.sh file will require either telnet in to the server or using file explorer from a separate computer. But, since you already have the file the way you want it to be, just copy the existing one from /boot/config/snap to /boot/config/plugins/snap. At some point I'll make it so those files can be edited in the Events tab somehow.
  14. This new version of SNAP is still beta so it won't show up on the first page of the SNAP thread yet. For now get the new version here: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=5904.msg162583#msg162583