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  1. <sigh> That's the thing I hate, lol. Fiddle come cables, check connections, but no way to know for sure if it's fixed without running another 26 hour parity check. Thanks!
  2. Can we stay on point here re: parity issues and disconnecting drive? What IP range I use internally has zero bearing on that. In fact, there is no regulation stating you cannot use ANY IP range you want on your internal network. The IANA reserved some specifically for internal use, but I can use any I like. The only issue I'll ever have is if I needed to connect to a resource on the Internet that was using a 192.169.x.x IP....
  3. Has anyone had much experience with these ones: iStar BPN-DE350SS http://www.istarusa.com/en/istarusa/products.php?model=BPN-DE350SS I bought a case with 4 of them installed and been having weird issues. I've had one of the disk backplanes go in one and now having weird disconnect issues in another. It's strange as I've been running other brands for years, not trayless, and not a single issue, but with these ones, seems weird. I've previously remarked not a huge fan of these as the drives are not completely secure in there, but it's not like I'm moving or othe
  4. OK, I'll check connections on that drive. Make sure everything is secure, etc. How do I test afterwards though without running another 25 hour parity check? Just weird it would suddenly happen.... grrrr.....
  5. I had to shut my server down due to power issues in my place. The shutdown went fine. Powered up, ran a parity check, non correcting. Found 16583 errors. Huh? Last month parity check was fine. Nothing been changed or touched on the server in the past month, Checking logs, I also see issues with ATA12, which looks to be the parity 2 disk, which is pretty much a brand new drive. I'm just wondering what could be causing the ATA errors and the crazy amount of parity errors? Thanks for help!tower-diagnostics-20210603-2051.zip
  6. Any 5x3 cage is designed specifically for that, for mounting in 3 5.25 slots and will have mounting holes and screws provided. Also, if you end up mixing various 3x5 cages in a case, keep track of which extra screws you have for each one as some are slightly different threads and depths.
  7. Given the same fan, obviously the 4 drive bay will be cooler, much more open. But, the 5x3 is still a great option and one I previously reviewed. Maintains great temps. Also looked at images of the Vortex, notice the one with the fan moved the side? I don't think you could mount this unit flush with the front of the cage, or you could never swing the fan aside to pull a drive out. You need to have the fan and a small portion of the drive sticking our the front of the case in case you ever needed access to the drives. Overall looks like a bad design. On a note, I have a simila
  8. Wow, that one looks scary, lol. But I would say if that bottom piece is mounted with 2 screws on each side, should be more than secure enough. Esp if you have a decent case to bear the load. I've used two of the older models of their 5x3 and never had a temp issue. Of course it is highly dependent on ambient temperature.
  9. Do you have a link to the product page? I know most of the 3x5 cages I've used a very sturdy and just a couple of screws to secure them in had been fine in many cases. That also depends as well on the quality of the case itself and the frame. Any of the original 4 docks reviewed are all still great candidates and you can usually find them on a variety of secondary markets at a good price.
  10. Sounds good, keep up the good work!
  11. I've added three servers into the My Servers dashboard and all are showing offline. I added one just this afternoon. Was showing online... and then just as suddenly, now showing offline along with the two that have been there for about a week. I ran the unraid-api restart command on one, seemed to go through ok, but no change, all servers offline. And as I glanced back at the My Servers tab, the one I added today is now showing online, again. Edit - updated plugin on two of them, now showing online, one still offline for some reason.
  12. Replaced the two SM cards with the LSI ones I got, also had to replace a cable that was a bit short. Just finished the correcting parity check and found zero errors. I'll now run a non correcting as suggested and ensure there are 0 errors.
  13. Noted @itimpi, I'll update the monthly check now to do non correcting. Thx!