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  1. Sounds good, keep up the good work!
  2. I've added three servers into the My Servers dashboard and all are showing offline. I added one just this afternoon. Was showing online... and then just as suddenly, now showing offline along with the two that have been there for about a week. I ran the unraid-api restart command on one, seemed to go through ok, but no change, all servers offline. And as I glanced back at the My Servers tab, the one I added today is now showing online, again. Edit - updated plugin on two of them, now showing online, one still offline for some reason.
  3. Replaced the two SM cards with the LSI ones I got, also had to replace a cable that was a bit short. Just finished the correcting parity check and found zero errors. I'll now run a non correcting as suggested and ensure there are 0 errors.
  4. Noted @itimpi, I'll update the monthly check now to do non correcting. Thx!
  5. Thanks @trurl In the scheduler, I have it configured for monthly and the "Write corrections to parity.." set to yes. I'm swapping the controllers this afternoon, then will run correcting parity check followed by another non-correcting one.
  6. I've just recently got some LSI cards in IT mode, so that is what I will work on, swapping out those SuperMicro cards. Hopefully that will bring some stability. All the disks themselves never show any issues any more. That one dropping offline, never shows up on the dashboard. I'll swap controllers and keep an eye on it. Thanks @John_M
  7. Hoping some others can take a look at my diag and give me some pointers on what might be going on. Started off 3-4 months ago, accidently hit the side of the unraid server. This caused over the course of a few days 3 disks to go "bad" showing tens of thousands of errors. Huh... pulled disks out, tested everything ok, removed from config, re-added, recovered data from offsite unit, etc. Got things back to where they were. I also figured out in this time about the file system check, which I also ran on the disks I was having issues with. Now though, on my monthly parity c
  8. Update, last two backups I can now browse into the folder and see the ca_backup.tar files, but still messed up permissions. Cannot copy that file. Weird as the libvirt backup is fine, USB Backup is fine. Just the tower backups are inaccessible...
  9. So turns out I did update it yesterday, running version 2020.12.27 and backup ran this morning at 1:00 am and still cannot access unfortunately...
  10. Ahh, got it. Updated it now. I'll see how the next backup works and let everyone know. Thanks!
  11. Update? You mean the new version of unraid that is in RC?
  12. This is what I have for settings If I browse to \\tower\backups I can access USB and Libvirt folders fine, but not access the subfolders under "Tower Backups". My user does have read/write. I have not done anything for permissions other than what's done on the Shares page within unraid.
  13. Permissions issue, maybe? If I browse to the folder where the Tower Backups are being stored, I can see the individual folders based on the dates completed. But if I try to browse into any of them, from my Windows computer, I get the error that I don't have permission. Yet I can browse into the USB Backups, Libvirt Backups folders without any issue.
  14. Wondering if anyone has an Antec 900 drive cage they can spare? I am missing one for my current unit. Can pay nominal fee and cover shipping costs. I'm located in Ontario, Canada. Thanks!
  15. Preferably looking for an Antec 1200, as I have multiple 3x5 cages, but if you have something that supports 20 SATA drives, let me know and can maybe work something out. Thanks!