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  1. Having some weird issues with permissions. Accessing the backups from Windows system. The "USB" and "libvirt" backups working fine. But when I try access the files under "Tower Backups" I get an error that I cannot access. Pasted in the Plugin settings, which all look fine. It's all up to date as well. Thanks!
  2. Almost all the 5x3 trayless seem to be more or less the exact same, so I would assume it fine and terms of mechanics. The one thing I don't like about the Silverstone that some of the others have is that the front of the trays have no airflow. Looking at some iStar and others, they have different patterns on the front to allow airflow in. So, temps in this might get a bit higher.
  3. It's possible the slot itself went bad, but not likely. If you haven't tried replacing cables or ports on the controller first, I'd try that. I've been using in excess of 8 5x3 and 3 3x2 cages and have never had a slot itself go bad. Both those issues sound like a cable or controller issue.
  4. Yes, you need both plugged in. That adapter should be fine.
  5. Thing I like most, dual parity. Thing I'd like to see in 2020, better support for sas disks and spin down. Keep up the great work!
  6. If you have any interest in selling just the case, let me know. I'm north of Barrie and could meet you some where. I just have no need for the rest of the internals.
  7. Looking for a Norco, Rosewill or similar case, or maybe even one of the old Antec 900/1200 cases or similar. Looking to house a minimum of 12 drives. I'm located north of Toronto, Ontario. Willing to pay reasonable shipping. Let me know make/model and price of what you have that you are willing to part with.
  8. If you do decide you want to part with the chassis, let me know. I'm not super local, but would be willing to drive out to pick it up.
  9. Are you willing to sell just the case from "server 1"? If so, cost?
  10. Thanks very much! That was exactly the issue. Just taped off pin 3 and sure enough, the drive powered up right away. Least I know what we are dealing with now.
  11. So, would this be an issue with the Norco 3x5 cage no processing this properly to the drive? I tried different power cables and connectors on the PSU (modular). I am also bringing in a different power supply tomorrow, just in case.
  12. Think we have isolated the issue, but no clue why. The 3TB drives are 5V .7A and 12V .66A. These new 6TB are 5V .85A and 12V .99A. After a few minutes of the system being powered up, we pulled the drive and sure enough, it's not even powered on. So, it looks like these Norco cages that run off two Molex power plugs cannot deliver enough power. I'm wondering if I should now try a different 3x5 cage...
  13. You'd think. I cannot connect direct to the controller. It has min SAS connectors to fan out cables for connecting to the drive cages. I'm bringing in another motherboard tomorrow to test. I checked the website on it, a TA870U3 and the highest size drive they show support for is 4TB... weird.
  14. So, something else is going on. This server is normally run headless, so we yanked it out and attached it to a KVM. Got into the SAS controller config util, and it doesn't even see the 6TB drive, so it isn't an issue with unRaid but either both drives or the 5x3 cage. Would an older system have anything to do with it perhaps?
  15. Having some issues with some drive upgrades. I have 8 SAS drives currently installed, mixed 2TB and 3TB WD drives. I need to start some upgrades so wanted to replaced my 3TB Parity drive with a brand new 6TB Seagate SAS drive I have. Trouble shooting: Unit originally used two Super Micro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 cards (4 drives per). I have also tested with a LSI SAS 9300-8i. No luck. The cards see all the 2 and 3 TB drives but not the 6. I have also tested with another brand new Seagate 6TB drive I have, same result, not detected. Using unRaid 6.5.1 Using Norco 5x3 cages, but doubt that is an issue. Any help on where to go from here be appreciated.