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[Solved] Folder contents not showing

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Have just loaded several disks with data via mc and putty.  For the most part very easy to do following the configuration tutorial.  However my issue now is on my disk with TV shows all the show folders and season folders are showing but the contents, or the actual episodes are not.  Looking at the hdd info shows the data is there.  This data was transferred into the tower from an attached FAT32 formatted drive.  Any ideas?




BTW: running 4.7  


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update:  it seems to have something to permissions or hidden folders/files because I went into folder options on my windows machine and unchecked hide protected system files, went to the tower and the files are confirmed there and playable.  They are greyed out but I can access them via my windows box, but not through my xbmc frontend.


Very odd.

Thanks for any help.




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