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Greetings; My name is Caleb.
Here is a question for you guys. Is there anyone who can make a plugin to re-add AFP as a share type back to the server. Now, I know there are going to be a bunch of you that say AFP is depreciated and has long been so by apple. I am WELL aware that is the case. As of MacOS 12.X it is still usable as a Share type (At this point I am not sure about 13.X as I am not running that yet.) The main issue I have is I have 2 older macs running Mac OS 9, 10.5, 10.7 These are collector computers that I have for running older classic programs. I use these computers to teach home schoolers about computer history & basic IT skills. My Unraid server I has kept at 6.8.x. This was the last build series that still has AFP if I can recall correctly.
Sadly, my server had an issue & I had to rebuild the system USB drive from scratch. The earliest version Unraid still had available was 6.9.x to my horror AFP was removed from this build, Now years & GB of older software is unaccessible from my legacy machines. I have looked around for a version of Unraid that still had AFP to no luck. I am surprised that Unraid devs took AFP out despite the fact that it is still in MacOS, I understand it is not being updated but it is not gone either. The other option could be that Unraid re-post the last version of  Unraid in the USB creator to download that had AFP. I am wondering what you guys think and if either path is an option. For the most part I love Unraid & I hate to abandon it as it is lightweight & works really well with lower end hardware (where as True NAS does not) I have looked into OMV but it does not like the hardware config of my NAS & never boots despite multiple attempts. Also, if there is already a plugin for this, if anyone could give me the name that would be a great help, (I have been unable to find it)  Any help with this matter would be great!

Caleb McD 

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