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Purchased Two Thumbdrives but have Information on old thumbdrive...

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Hello All,


After poking around and talking to a few members, I dropped the money for two official thumbdrives. I figured I should have one just in case the other gets hosed. So, while I was doing the setup and playing with UnRaid the free version I precleared 7 2tb disks. I never assigned them to an array well because I didn't want to just use three disks, and add the others to the array when I received my pro thumb drives. I did however installed a few addons. My question is do I need to reinstall these addons to the new thumbdrive or can I just copy over the files. If I could copy them over which ones would they be? ie unmenu and all the files in the config folder?


I'm going with the Hitachi Coolspins as they seem to be popular by a lot of the veteran members. I'm doing the following;


Slot 1      Slot 2      Slot 3      Slot 4

parity      data        data        cache

7k3000    5k3000      5k3000    7k3000     


This first row is hooked directly to my mobo. I got this advice from Raj. Thanks Raj. 


But my other question with the above is although that is the physical arrangement of the drives, the drive setup is'


Slot 1        Slot 2    Slot 3      Slot 4

/dev/sde    /dev/sdd /dev/sdc  /dev/sdb


For the sake of my sanity is there a way to rearrange the drive letters to correspond with the drives position? Oh and /dev/sda is the flash drive.


Thanks for all your help guys, seriously, and I am really happy to be a part of this community.

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