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Help mounting a user share in openelec


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I am trying out openelec (a version of XBMC) and I'm trying to share my thumbnails folder.  I managed to get this working with XBMC live, but I'm not having any luck with openelec.  In unRAID I created a user share 'xbmc-stuff' and within that is the 'Thumbnails' directory that I want to share.  In settings for the 'xbmc-stuff' share I have "*(rw)" input in the Export (NFS) field.  In my netmount.conf file for openelec I added the following line:


nfs | | /storage/Thumbnails


The /storage/Thumbnails directory is created, but it is empty and the unraid log shows:


Aug 6 20:49:53 Tower1 mountd[7272]: refused mount request from for /mount/user/xbmc_stuff/Thumbnails (/): not exported


Anyone have any idea why unRAID refuses the mount?

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