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  1. Changing to the container port worked. I never considered that and that is the only container that I run where I changed the default port. Thanks so much! I thought I still needed the cname and the wildcard was just allowing any of my cnames through. So I can delete all my subdomain cnames on Cloudflare?
  2. I've had SWAG set up and running for a couple years now (back before it was SWAG) and it works great. I have to admit I don't totally understand everything (or even much) about it, but via tutorials and this forum, I was able to get everything working. I switched to a wildcard cert a year or so ago without much issue. But I am having an issue trying to allow for a new subdomain. I have had Radarr working all this time and I recently another instance to to handle 4K content. I thought this would be super easy. I went on to my Cloudflare dash and created a cname for radarr4k (the
  3. Anyone know why the drive has to be rebuilt? Did the data get corrupted? So people with more than one (or 2 if they had dual parity) that went out at the same time lost data? That's pretty scary that something like that could happen just by upgrading Unraid versions!
  4. I'm not a Linux guy either. At all. I just figured if it wasn't the right one it would throw an error. It seemed to work but the drive is still disabled after a reboot. I assume I still have to unassign, reassign and rebuild the drive? And these changes will merely keep it from going off line again?
  5. I tried the ubuntu files just for the info command and it worked. So I am going to try continuing with those.
  6. I am stuck on one thing. When I unzip the file and go to /Linux/Lin64/, there are 3 folders in there, no files. The folders are centos-7_aarch64, centos-7_x86_64 and ubuntu-20.04_x86_64. Which do I want?
  7. Mine just dropped out today for the first time. Same drive. Same HBA.
  8. I know this has been asked a lot and I've read the suggestions and fixes, but nothing seems to work in my situation. All of my array drives always show some small amount of read activity, even when nothing is streaming or being accessed. They will bounce around betweeb 80-650 B/s. Never anything higher. Every single drive the exact same speed. If I manually tell them to spin down, they do (but will still show some small read activity, again, all the same), but then spin back up after an hour two and never spin back down again. I have verified that Docker and VMs are all on cac
  9. @Hoopster I see you use a parity drive on you backup server. Since it sleeps when not backing up, when does it perform a parity check?
  10. You are correct that I am running GUS.
  11. @GilbN - Yes, your dashboard works. I knew the difference between user and user0, but what is the difference with rootfs vs without?
  12. 1.4 and 1.5 give me some issues that 1.3 doesn't. Most of the array info panels just say No Data but they work on 1.3. When I look into it the differnece seems to be that 1.3 references path=/rootfs/mnt/user0 whereas 1.4 & 1.5 references path=/mnt/user0. My question is why the change and why doesn't it work for my system but apparently works for others?
  13. If the file is named mprime, then... chmod +x mprime
  14. Nothing seems to work. I think the issue lies outside the dash and it's code or configuration because, like I said, if I go to the console of the GUS container and type hostname it returns Tower. Even after rebooting unraid.