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  1. You are correct that I am running GUS.
  2. @GilbN - Yes, your dashboard works. I knew the difference between user and user0, but what is the difference with rootfs vs without?
  3. 1.4 and 1.5 give me some issues that 1.3 doesn't. Most of the array info panels just say No Data but they work on 1.3. When I look into it the differnece seems to be that 1.3 references path=/rootfs/mnt/user0 whereas 1.4 & 1.5 references path=/mnt/user0. My question is why the change and why doesn't it work for my system but apparently works for others?
  4. If the file is named mprime, then... chmod +x mprime
  5. Nothing seems to work. I think the issue lies outside the dash and it's code or configuration because, like I said, if I go to the console of the GUS container and type hostname it returns Tower. Even after rebooting unraid.
  6. Did find it in the JSON: "templating": { "list": [ { "allValue": null, "current": { "selected": false, "text": "Tower", "value": "Tower" }, Do I just remove the text and leave empty quotes?
  7. Thanks. I'll try a reboot when people are done streaming from the server. You have to stop the array to change the unraid server name which stops all Dockers so they did restart after the host name change. I manually restarted them again for good measure with no luck.
  8. I did search the telelgraf config file and nothing came up. I'll try the JSON export trick. Am I correct is assuming that as long as nothing is epcifying that name that Telegraf should dynamically detect the correct name?
  9. When I type hostname in the unraid console it returns "Anton" which is the new name. If I type hostname in the Grafana-Unraid-Stack container console, it returns Tower. In Grafana under the host dropdown it only shows Tower.
  10. That's where I was looking per GilbN's post. Here is mine: ## Override default hostname, if empty use os.Hostname() hostname = "" So where does os.Hostname() derive the host name?
  11. Okay. But nowhere in there is it currently set to Tower so it seems like it's actually polling something to retrieve the name (maybe I'm wrong though). I assumed the reason for having the Host variable was that it would dynamically list all available hosts. If you just manually specify them then no need for a variable, right?
  12. Does anybody know how/where InfluxDB gets the host name? I chnged my unraid server name from the default "Tower" and the new name shows in unraid and when I browse Windows network, but in Grafana it still shows as Tower. Just wondering how to get it to change to the new name. I had assumed it would do so automatically.
  13. I am really struggling with the cache writes panel. It is just not showing accurate data. For example, the hourly data just shows a constantly increasing number that is way too high. The last 4 hours it is showing 302GB, 304GB, 306Gb and 307GB respectively. I grabbed these numbers from going to Inspect>Data so I assume this is what Telegraf is logging and not just a formatting isse with the way the panel is set up in Grafana. But I have tried various setting and nothing comes close to showing the data I expect. Yet my manual hourly script in unraid is reporting 1.76GB, 2.39
  14. If you don't mind, please share what you find. I've searched google and I'm really not finding how to do this. Everything I find about Grafana with multiple hosts seem to be with people using Prometheus. I haven't looked into what that is or how to utilize it. I would rather not add something else to the mix if I don't have to.