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(Solved) Someone please help me get this right

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I just can't seem to get the hang of allocation and split level.  I have all my TV series spread over an array of 15 discs.  What I want is one share that is "TV Shows".  When I copy/move to that share, I would like to not have a series split to different drives.  It's probably so easy, but, I just can't get it right.  Laughing is allowed and help is appreciated. :)

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Think of your shared folder as level 0 and the split level you allocate is the 1st level you DON'T want to split.  So some examples:


If you have "TV Shows" as the root folder (/TV Shows)

/TV Shows                    (level 0)

  -Weeds                    (level 1)

      -Season 1              (level 2)

      -Season 2              (level 2)


If you assign Split level 1 (and don't exclude any drives) then the /TV Shows folder could appear on all the drives, while Weeds (and any subfolders) would only be written to 1 drive.  If you assigned split level 2, /TV Shows/Weeds could appear on multiple drives, but the contents of each season would be on 1 drive (NOTE, Season 1 and Season 2 could be on different drives in this scenario)


If you use a more complex folder structure then just change the split level accordingly:

/Media                                    (Level 0)

    -TV                                    (Level 1) Choosing split level 1 could cause TV and all subfolders to be written to the same drive

        -Action                          (Level 2)

        -Comedies                      (Level 2) Level 2 would cause /Media/TV to be on multiple drives, with Comedies and all subfolders to be on the same drive

            -Weeds                      (Level 3) Level 3 would cause /Media/TV/Comedies to potentially be on multiple drives, with Weeds and all subs only on 1 drive

                  - Season 1          (Level 4) Level 4 would cause /Media/TV/Comedies/Weeds to potentially be on multiple drives, with Season 1 to be only on 1 drive

                  - Season 2          (Level 4)


Again, remember that the split level you choose is the first level that you don't want to split.  Also note that changing a split level after data is in the folder won't move existing data - it only applies to new data.  You'd have to manually adjust existing data, or move it out and copy it back after changing the split level.   

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