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  1. Inserted in previous post (I hope!) Thanks
  2. Any chance of a little hand holding on getting you the diagnostics? I try to keep up with things, but, most of the time you folks are so far over my head it hurts. If you mean the diagnostic file from unraid, I'll try and add that. 😳
  3. Wanted to ask for some advice as to what I may be doing wrong. Have the latest plugin installed. When I go to the recycle bin plugin I can see something like "recycle bin size 22G". If I press the empty all trash button, nothing happens. If I go to the shares tab, I'm able to empty the recycle bin for each share. Am I doing something wrong or is this the way it's supposed to work? Thanks.
  4. I had to do a complete new setup on my unraid box. When I run parity sync, it says Parity Sync/Rebuild data in progress. I don't know what data it's rebuilding. I just rearranged the drives. I'm worried about losing existing data from a rebuild. Or is this just generic labeling. If data needs rebuilding it will, if parity just parity. Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks Gary, I think I'll go with your suggestions. Gotta get it up and running.
  6. Went to turn on my second server this morning and nothing. Checked if it was a bad power supply and that isn't the problem. It's an old Gigabyte ep45-ud3r mb and I have 12 hard drives connected. I need a replacement and I have no idea to get. I use unraid to store and play video files and music. No docker, VM or any of that other fancy stuff (because I don't really know what it is or what it does ). I don't want overkill, just something that will meet my needs. Any help, advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Cheers, my friend. Ad blocker it is. All is as it should be.
  8. Disc and user shares are set to "yes". Under the shares tab are two tabs...user shares and disc shares. Disc shares shows all my discs. User shares shows nothing. As I said, the shows show in win10.
  9. I use a couple user shares, but, when I go into settings ang try to view user shares, none are listed. Only show up in Winders 10.
  10. Thanks, guys. I guess I can learn to live with it. I'm just old school and 2 always came after 1...not 10.
  11. Sorting of discs in some programs goes disc1, disc10, disc2, etc. I'd like to have them in actual numeric sequence.
  12. Is it possible to name discs with a leading zero? Disc 01 instead of disc 1. Thanks
  13. That should do it. But it isn't. I have hide dot files set to yes, but, I'm still seeing the recycle bin.