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Drive Failure

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One of my drives failed and I have a question.  My system has 8 drives and one of them failed (disk 6).  It looks like I need to order a new drive from newegg, so it will take a couple of days to get a new drive, preclear it and then rebuild the data from parity.  So here is my question...can I continue to add new data to my array? Will the parity drive still be able to reproduce the data on this disk 6 if I continue to add new files to my other disks?





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From what I understand about unRAID (and I'm still new, so I could be wrong), yes, it will.


However, if you lose another disk between now and when you get the new disk into the array, you'll have lost the data that was on the two drives that were lost.


As such, I'd recommend holding off on transferring any new data to the server. In fact, I'd probably shut it down entirely until I got the new disk in.

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Octavius is absolutely correct.  You can continue writing to the array (even to the failed disk!) and unRAID will update parity.  You will still be able to rebuild your failed disk as soon as you replace it.  However, as Octavius also correctly pointed out, the longer your array runs with an emulated disk, the more of a risk of real data loss.  It is up to you if it is worthwhile to keep your array running while you wait for a new disk, or if you would rather not have access to your data for a few days and keep your data a bit safer.  This is why many people like to keep a spare precleared drive around, so that you don't have to wait.

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