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  1. Since I have backup of the VMs xml, any reason not to delete libvirt.img and start fresh?
  2. @JorgeB I just found the logs for the last crash, it was only 5 days ago...not the couple of weeks I stated in my original posting. Attached are those logs. All I did after this crash on 5/15/2021 was reboot the server and all came back fine. Thanks for looking! tower-diagnostics-20210515-0746.zip
  3. My wife went to use our kitchen pc which is a windows vm running on unraid. The vm which was running did not wake up when she moved the mouse. I opened a VPN connection and went to the VM tab and it said Libvirt Services failed to start. Then while on the phone with my wife she said nevermind it came back up. I am home now writing this post from the VM and it appears to be working fine, however the VM tab still says Libvirt Sevices failed to start. I have attached a copy of diagnostics. Any suggestions. Something like this happed a couple of weeks ago (same message) and I
  4. Jorge, Thanks for the link. I tried method 1 and copied my data to the array, but kept getting an error on my VM image files. I then unmounted the cache drive and tried method 2 and saved that data to a different place on the array. I then ran to store and purchased a new ssd with the intent of getting my unraid server back on line with the new SSD and then testing the data. Before installing the new SSD, I decided to try method 3 with the --repair option. After completing the repair, I stopped then started the array and everything came back up as expected. VM started and a
  5. Woke up this morning and my unraid VM and webgui were sluggish. Noticed logs were at 100%. I grabbed a diagnostic, see attached. I rebooted unraid and the cache drive says unmountable no filesystem. Started array in maintenance mode and ran the btrfs check in readonly mode and got the following: [1/7] checking root items [2/7] checking extents data backref 7812329472 root 5 owner 22293485 offset 22859776 num_refs 0 not found in extent tree incorrect local backref count on 7812329472 root 5 owner 22293485 offset 22859776 found 1 wanted 0 back 0x3a5e11b0 incorrect l
  6. The nodered docker keeps crashing on me. If I restart it, it runs for a day or so. I have deleted the container image and reinstalled and the outcome is the same. Here is the log....any suggestions? 0 info it worked if it ends with ok 1 verbose cli [ '/usr/local/bin/node', 1 verbose cli '/usr/local/bin/npm', 1 verbose cli 'start', 1 verbose cli '--cache', 1 verbose cli '/data/.npm', 1 verbose cli '--', 1 verbose cli '--userDir', 1 verbose cli '/data' ] 2 info using npm@6.14.6 3 info using node@v10.22.1 4 verbose config Skipping project config: /usr/src/node-red/.npm
  7. Thank you! Proceeding now with the normal way. Dan
  8. So I just finished preclearing a 12 TB drive. In my current setup I have dual parity drives both 4 TB. I have 6 drives in my array of various sizes (4TB down to a 1 TB). I want to install the new 12 TB as a parity drive and then replace the 1 TB drive with one of the current 4TB parity drives. What is the recommended/safest way to do this? My first thought was to stop array and unassign one of the parity drives and then assign the new 12 TB drive and let it rebuild parity...then once parity is rebuilt I could swap the 1 TB and 4 TB. or is this the procedure I
  9. I just installed this docker and was having the same issue as chris_netsmart. Went to Shinobi's website and read their installation instructions. Discovered if you login to the console of this docker and perform the following that you will be able to login with the docker's default username and password. I was then able to create my own username/password. Wondering if there is something wrong with the template that is not inserting the values that we define at docker install/creation. Set up Superuser Access Rename super.sample.json to super.json. Run the following comman
  10. For reference the above diagnostics file is after a reboot of unraid. When it originally crashed I also grabbed a diagnostics....it is attached to this post. Thanks, Dan tower-diagnostics-20200411-2019.zip
  11. My cache drive has btrfs errors. When I start array and check file system it lists a bunch of errors. When I add the --repair option it starts and the it asks a y/n question that I am unable to answer since I ran this from the webgui. Any suggestions on how to proceed. Diagnostics are attached. Thanks, Dan tower-diagnostics-20200412-2108.zip
  12. I was looking at this list and thought I was okay: https://www.elpamsoft.com/?p=Plex-Hardware-Transcoding Guess I need to do a little more research. In looking at pricing gt 710 runs somewhere around $30 used....but a GTX 1050ti can be had for $70 or so used on Reddit hardwareswap. Maybe I should just go for that and call it a day.
  13. I am currently using a nvidia GTX950 for my Windows 10 VM. I am thinking of installing the nvidia plugin to use that GPU for transcoding. I only use Windows 10 for internet browsing, youtube, netflix, general office use (i.e. no gaming or video editing). Any recommendations for an inexpensive GPU to passthrough to my Windows VM. I read through the recommended hardware posting and see people have mentioned the GT 710 and the GT 730. Would these GPUs be sufficient? Any others to consider...would like to stay with NVIDIA to keep drivers simple if I ever need to switch back to
  14. Is there a command that I can ssh into Unraid and execute to have it be the equivalent of unplugging and reinserting a USB Device? I am passing a USB zigbee coordinator cc2531 to my zigbee2mqtt docker.... everything works fine, however when the docker updates it does not start. When I am home this is no big deal as I just unplug then replug the USB dongle then start the docker container....however sometimes I am away so I would love a command line way to do this. Thanks, Dan