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[SOLVED] Array is performing parity check after every boot

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This is my first server. I have 2 data disks and yesterday I added a parity disk and built parity for the first time.


I have been using the powerdown script to powerdown the array and it seems to have been working fine (the array always powered off and started back up fine.) However now that I have a parity disk I do not think the array is being shut down correctly.


After every boot (where the array was powered down with the powerdown script) the array automatically begins checking parity.


However if I stop the array first with the control panel and then powerdown with the button in the control panel the array does not check parity at next boot (I have mysql and a swapfile setup so I have to kill these manually first before the array can be stopped.). So I assume the powerdown script is failing to stop the array properly.


I have attached a syslog of a shutdown performed with the powerdown script and the syslog of the running server at the next boot after the powerdown. I have also attached a copy of the console as the powerdown script was being executed.


Thanks for any help.









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Ahh I see.


That should be an easy fix.


I use a telnet scripting tool to actually do the login and execute the powerdown script, so I'll just have it do

/etc/rc.d/unraid.d/rc.unraid_swapfile stop

before it calls the powerdown script.


Thanks very much.



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