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  1. All sorted now, it was a dodgy sata cable as JB suggested. Thanks mate. Looks like it might be time to invest in some new cables.
  2. Thanks, I'll give it a shot and report back soon. I did physically move the drive to a different a different sata port/cable incase that was the issue, perhaps I've got 2 dodgy cables or something.
  3. Hi guys, I'm attempting to add a precleared disk to the array. I've shut the server down, installed the disk and restarted. The disk is detected and shows up in the "unassigned devices' tab in the gui. I stop the array, go to the array devices tab and select the drive from the dropdown next to the next available disk slot (disk 5 in my case). The gui then refreshes however the disk 5 slot now just shows 'unassigned" and the "unassigned devices" tab has now vanished. If I bring the array back online disk 5 is not added. I have tried 2 different disks now and tried different physical slots in the server, in each case the same behaviour occurs. Any suggestions? I've attached a syslog that covers everything from starting from a power off state through to attempting to add the disk and then restarting the array even though the disk has not been added. The disk I am attempting to add as disk 5 is this one: WD-WCC4N0XTC0XH. Thanks in advance. syslog.txt
  4. Brilliant, thanks mate, I thought that might have been the procedure but wasn't game to give it a go without asking first. I'll pull parity, reset the config and then look at re-adding a parity drive once it's all green.
  5. Hi guys, I'm in a bit of trouble and need some assistance. Last night my parity drive was suddenly redballed - I suspect due to a faulty sata cable. Tonight I had just installed a freshly precleared disk in a different slot (with a different cable) and started a parity rebuild. Part way through the rebuild another one of my drives has been redballed due to disk read errors, this drive has now had it's cable replaced and is detected (but still redballed) however I think during the cable swap I have accidentally bumped the new parity drive is now listed as missing. In short I currently have one data drive redballed and a parity drive that's only partially rebuilt but now listed as missing. I have not written anything to the array since before parity died last night so there should be no reason why the data on the redballed drive would be damaged. Can I pull the parity disk, force unraid to enable the redballed data disk to get the array all green and then install a precleared disk to do a parity rebuild somehow? I'm running version 5.0.5 Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. Excellent, that's got it back to normal. Thanks very much! Is it worth/necessary to do a parity sync first or am I ok to try replacing the noisy disk again right now?
  7. Hi guys, I've gotten myself into a bit of an issue and I'm hoping someone can help me out of it. I'm running Unraid 5.0.5 and everything has been running fine (no errors, no red balled disks or anything). I noticed one of my disks was starting to develop a lot of noise when being read/written so I figured I would pre-emptively replace it. I stopped the array, powered down swapped out the disk that I thought was noisy and commenced a data rebuild. During the data rebuild the rebuild speeds were periodically dropping very low (15Mb/s) and there was a lot of drive noise from the drive immediately above the one I had replaced. I had obviously misidentified the noisy disk and swapped out the wrong one by mistake so I have cancelled the data rebuild. I would like to reinstall the original disk which still has all data intact, however Unraid now no longer recognises that disk as being the correct disk since it has already initialised the new disk. Is there a way to force Unraid to recognise the old disk as being the correct disk so that I can reinstall it? Just to make things a little more complicated the original disk is a 2TB and the disk I was replacing it with is a 3TB. I'm assuming I need to mess with the configuration file, but don't want to touch it without confirmation first.
  8. All sorted!! The plugin manager is indeed a plugin itself, for some reason the contents of the boot/config/plugins folder had not copied across when I reverted so none of the Dynamix related plugins (including the plugin manager) were present and thus were not being installed. I've copied that folder across now and manually installed them via the command line and it looks like everything is back to normal now. Thanks for everyone's assistance.
  9. That is actually an excellent question. I honestly don't really remember, it has literally been years since I installed Dynamix. I suppose it is possible that the plugin manager is itself a plugin - I'll have a hunt around right now and see what I can find. I use a central mysql database for openelec/xbmc and I couldn't get mysql up and running in V6 and playing nicely with my existing machines so I gave up and reverted back to trusty old 5.0.5
  10. Yep, it's the tab for the Dynamix plugin manager. I used to use the S3 sleep plugin along with a couple of others but they are no longer installed since I reverted back from the upgrade. I'm needing to access the Dynamix plugin manager to reinstall them, however as I mentioned previously the tab is not visible even though it appears Dynamix is installed and functioning.
  11. Sorry, I mean the tab along the top that usually sits next to the "Utils" tab/button as in the attached image:
  12. Sorry for dragging up an old thread but it seemed the most appropriate place. I've been running an old version of Unraid (5.0.5 to be exact) and Dynamix 2.2.7 for years, it's been rock solid and I haven't seen the need to upgrade. However I recently made the switch to the latest version of Unraid only to discover it wasn't for me and switched back to 5.0.5. The issue I'm having is that despite taking a copy of the flash drive before the uprade, and having now restored that copy the Dynamix tab is not visible in the GUI at all. I have cleared the browser cache too. According to the syslog (see attached) everything appears to install correctly during boot up and the rest of the server and GUI functions as normal. I've also just noticed that it says Dynamix is installed in the bottom left corner of the GUI, however as you can see the Dynamix tab is not visible (see attached image) Any ideas on how I can get Dynamix back to normal again??
  13. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've precleared a couple of disks and the preclear reports that they were cleared successfully. However when I run - t on them it reports them as not being precleared. If I stick them in the server it attempts to do a complete format, so for some reason it appears that the preclear flag is not being written correctly. Any ideas??
  14. So an update on this card. I've been having all sorts of problems with this thing and unraid. But I'll address the request of testing in under windows first. I have just installed the card into my Windows 7 desktop (using the included Syba drivers.) and attached a 3TB disk. The disk is detected and appeared in disk management, I gave it a quick format (the disk had been previously precleared so obviously needed to be reformatted to ntfs.) After the format the disk appeared as normal in My Computer. I thought I would chuck a bunch of files on it to see what happened, I set a 20GB bunch of video files transferring. Transfer speed was initially around 100MB/s but very quickly the transfer dialog box seemed to freeze up, the speed and completion stopped updating. After a minute or so of being frozen it restarted but this time speed had dropped to 4.5MB/s, it continued at this speed for a while before again freezing, it was at this stage I aborted the transfer. After this I tried transferring single files of about 2GB in size and again noticed the same behaviour each time. ............ And now the problems I've been having with it in Unraid. After it became apparent the card did not like 3TB drives in Unraid, I figured I would just move my 3 x 2TB drives and my 60GB cache drive onto the disk, thus freeing up 4 sata ports on the motherboard and allowing me to add the 3TB's there instead. The first 2 x 2TB's went on fine, but when I went to add the 3rd I started getting repeated sata errors and constant "hard resetting link" errors in the syslog (This is with only 3 drives connected btw, still 1 port free). I tried multiple combinations of cables and ports, new cables, old cables, every possible port, then I thought maybe it just doesn't like that one particular disk, so I pulled all other disks off and added the "problem" disk on it's own, guess what I was fine! Added another 2TB, still fine, tried the 3rd - ERRORS. I ended up getting it nice and stable with just 2 x 2TB's and my 60GB cache drive connected, I left the other 2TB on the motherboard. Once it was stable I ended up having the parity drive red ball (probably due to all my messing around with cables) so I actually did a parity rebuild with the card and the 2 x 2TB's which went fine, it then ran nice and stable for about a week. So I sort of accepted that I would just end up with a 3 port sata card instead of 4. Once I was happy it was stable I went about replacing all my sata cables (previously they were all miss matched lengths and none were locking type cables), I swapped them all out with new locking ones and started the array, everything went fine for about 10 minutes and one of the 2TB's on the card red balled (again due to sata errors) admittedly this could have been due to a dodgy cable and not the card (though this same cable is now connected to the motherboard and is working fine). I pulled the drive and threw in a precleared one, swapped the cable over with a spare and rebooted, the drive was detected and seemed fine, but by this stage I had lost all faith in the card and moved all drives off the card and onto the motherboard for the data rebuild. Data rebuild went fine and the array is back up and running with all drives on the motherboard. I'm not going to trust this card again, it has just had too many problems and the last thing I need is for it to freak out and I get 2 drives red balled, so I'm going to throw it in the cupboard and get something else to replace it. So my experience in summary: The Syba PEX-40054 (Marvell 88SE9230 controller). * Would not work with 3TB drives in Unraid 5.05 (repeated sata errors and hard resetting link errors) * Would not work with 3 x 2TB drives in Unraid 5.0.5 (same sata errors as before) would however work with 2 x 2TB's and 1 x 60GB SSD * Had sudden random sata errors after a week of normal functioning resulting in red balling of drive (though may not have been the card's fault) * 3TB drive did show up in Windows 7, but seemed to lock up under load (with only 1 single disk!) Now can anyone recommend me a decent 4 port pcie sata card?? I'm looking at a used RocketRaid 2300 at the moment that might fit the bill, otherwise there is the Syba PEX-40064 which uses the 88SE9215 which is apparently working fine, though I don't know that I am ready to trust another Syba card again so soon.