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How much RAM with my motherboard?


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I've built my Unraid Server few months ago, and it works fine

I'm using a ECS AMD690GM-M2 with 1 x 512Mb DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)

1) Do I need more RAM?

2) If yes, can I complete with 1 more module (I cannot find the same module anymore). For example 512Mb+1Gb or 512Mb+2Gb

Or should I buy 2 new modules (2 x 1Gb) to run dual channel?



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Since I already have 512Mb but I can't find the same one, I will have to put let's say 1Gb or 2Gb on the 2nd memory slot

1) Is 1.5Gb a good amount of RAM, or 2.5Gb is much better

2) Do I need to prefer dual channel (like 2 x 1Gb) but in that case I would not be able to re-use my 512Mb .......!!!

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