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Buying a used unRAID box - licensing issue?


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I've just been offered to buy a colleagues unRAID box as he wants to move to SRV2008 which means beefier (and more expensive HW).


I'd like to go for it, but am a bit worried about the license, as I'd like it re-registered in my name so that I can recover if the USB stick dies on me.


So, first of all - is it kosher to buy a "used" unRAID license?


Second, is it possible to re-register it?



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I think Tom would not have an issue. He might even be willing to generate you a new key file for the same flash GUID. Unless you are buying 1/2 of a 2 key license.


But this is just my opinion. Send Tom an email and ask.


With unRaid, support means replacing you .key file if you flash goes bad and VERY occasionally an email reply when you have an unusual problem not solved in the forums.

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