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Drive not spinning down?

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I touched on this in another thread where I was asking a few things, but based on the answer, and what I see when I click the ? for info in Unraid on my array, the temperature should read * when my drives are spun down. I've never seen a * under my temperatures for any of my drives, always temperatures, for years. I'm using Seagate HDDs for my array, and Crucial SSDs for my cache, and have used Samesung and WD SSDs. Always seen a temp on everything.


Most specifically, in Unraid it says (copy/pasted): "We do not read the temperature of spun-down hard drives since this typically causes them to spin up; instead we display the * symbol."

The thing is, I could swear I hear my drives spinning down. When I haven't accessed a drive for a while, and request a file from it, there is typically a brief delay before the first file comes in, then it is instant from then. This seems like spin up/down behavior to me (and sounds like it when I'm nearby enough to hear it). But I've never seen a * in the temp to indicate a spun-down drive. Someone replied in my other thread saying they saw * when spun down, so what gives?


I appreciate any help! Thanks!

Diagnostics attached


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