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Confused with cache vs array settings (Unraid 6.12)

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I have read pretty much everything I could find, but I am still not able to implement what I "need" 


So.. I have a Share called "Media" Media primary Storage is "Array", and that's ok because I want that every new folder in "Media" is directly persisted in the Array


I have a Share called "Downloads", This share is where the "complete" and "incomplete" sabnzbd folder are located. Primary storage is cache, secondary storage is Array and mover-action is array->cache


The thing is.. when I move a file from "Downloads" to "Media" the file remains physically in the cache, the only way to move it physically from the cache is to temporary define "Media" to use the cache as primary, array as seconday, mover-action to cache->array and them run the mover.


But to do it manually everytime is kind of a pain (not to mention how error prone this is)


I am sure that there must be a simple way to do this.. what am I doing wrong?



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I see.. the challenge is to find the workaround with the least manual impact...


since  the file-move is automated inside a docker.. I guess I cannot use the workarounds 1, 3, 4, 5 or 6


That leaves me with workaround two.. that in the end means (if i want full automation)  I must switch "Media" to use cache a primary, set the mover-action from cache->array and then rely on the mover to move the files from time to time.


The main problem is that if I do a copy of files to the user share (as in to copy 1TB of files) then it's going to copy them to the cache first (or I need to manually switch the "primary storage" before doing the copy..). Either that or find a disk with enough space and to the move directly to the disk instead of using the user share...


But ok.. I guess "it's what it's"..

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