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Disk 3 disabled, disk2 errors

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This morning I received an e-mail notification that my Unraid had disabled disk 3 due to errors and there were also errors on disk2 (but not disabled yet)

Disk 2 was actually replaced with a new precleared drive a few weeks ago after being disabled. I actually opened a topic for that one here -

I am assuming I should replace disk 3 with a new precleared drive (so I still have the prior disk if the data is good) but not sure if this is related to the prior issue. Both of these drives are physically next to each other but I haven't looked closely on if they are attached to the same HBA card.


The diagnostics zip file is included for any further analysis on what might have caused this.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions. At this time I have not shutdown the system and it is emulating disk 3.


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Thank you for the review and firmware suggestion. I will look into doing that.


I did notice the errors on my cache recently, as it wasn't all that old of a device to be acting up. I'll run the extended SMART test to see what it shows.


Thank you again.

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