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New Build recommendations?


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Hi all,


So I'm currently running an old ProLiant DL360e Gen8, and using proxmox to run the following:


- JellyFin

- Nextcloud

- Couple of Ubuntu VMs as webservers and discord bots (probably 3-5 containers active at any time)


I've not done much with it over the past few years, but it's finally on its way out, and I'm not willing to spend the time to patch it up.  Potentially I'd look to dive back into usenet type activities one day, maybe manage my CCTV or look into photoprism - but for now I'd just be looking at straight swaps.  I don't have any 4k media, but I guess I'd want to be prepared to have some in the future too.


In terms of recycling old equipment, I do have an Antec 1200 Case that's been sat in the attic for years, and a few 4TB SSDs kicking about, but I'm open to buying whatever I need - budget is probably around the £1000-£2000 ballpark inclusive of a couple of big HDDs.

I have read quite a few threads on here where people have proposed some builds, but there always seems to be valuable feedback from people based on the use cases given, so I thought I'd see if there some recommended builds out there for me moving to Unraid that I can use as a starting position.


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

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