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Dead Flash Drive


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My flash drive died the other day.  I've emailed Tom and he is in the process of getting me a new license key for the replacement drive.  Here's my dilemma ...


I'm a moron ... I didn't make a backup of my original flash drive nor do I have a screenshot of my "Devices" page.  However, I did physically label the HDDs in my case so I know which disk is my parity disk and which disks are my data disks. 


So basically, I'm thinking once I have my new license key, I can go to the "Devices" tab and select the appropriate drive for parity and the appropriate drives for data and all will be good.  Is that accurate?  I know the parity drive has to be correct but if I mislabeled the "slot" for the data disks is it a big deal if they're out of order?


Thanks in advance for any insight.

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You are correct.  The only one that you need to get absolutely right is the parity drive.  If you accidentally assign a data drive to the parity slot and start the array, YOU WILL LOSE DATA.  As long as you don't do this, you will be fine.  If your data drives are in a different order you may have to tweak some of your shares settings to match the new disk numbers, but otherwise everything will work as expected.

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Assign ALL the drives as data drives then start the array. The one that is unformatted should be the parity but do a check of all the other drives to make sure they have the data on them. You likely should unassign the parity and shuffle around the other disks to get the order you want. Once you have the order you want then assign the parity and let the parity build complete.


You will have to use the initconfig command a few times when doing this to reset the array as you shuffle disks.



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