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Unraid down after new docker install....help needed

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Morning everyone,


I'll start with I've broken my Unraid server before, but knowing just enough to be dangerous, I was able to get everything back up and running, however this time I'm in need of some help.  I tried to install a new Docker, and my server immediately locked up, which forced me to do a hard shutdown and restart.  After a restart, it doesn't appear to finish booting any more.  Gui never loads so I can't mount drives, etc.   So......I'm stuck and I'm not sure where to start with this one.  What info do I need to provide so that hopefully someone here can help walk me through how to get this back up and running.   I also need to be careful as my previous backup solution died on me, and I was in the middle of getting my new backup solution running.  SO......my dual parity is all the backup I have at the moment.  I should add that the server comes up far enough that I have network/SSH access.


Thank you in advance, I'm really in need of some help here.  



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Well.....now I feel like an idiot.  I spent the better part of the day yesterday focusing\researching on this while ignoring my day job, before I finally gave up and shut down the server.  At this point it's been rebooted a few times.   When I just powered it up again, everything came up and is running as expected, and there is no trace of the docker that killed it.  So I'm going to count my blessings, and get my offsite backups completed ASAP.  I'm also going to manually scrub the remnants of the Docker that caused this from my appdata folder.

Squid, thank you for the quick reply, but I'm going to mark this as closed.....thanks you for the willingness to jump in and help figure this out.

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