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Unraid auto mount delay script

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I was trying to have a 10min delay on auto mount remote drive to my unraid everytime the array start. I had the following script but didn't work.



# Wait for 10 minutes before attempting to mount the shared drives
sleep 600

# Define the shared drive information
nl3s-vm-dsm="// backup"
nl3b="// backup"

# Mount the shared drives
mount -t cifs -o username=marco,password=19980928MMCmmc "$nl3s-vm-dsm" /mnt/remotes
mount -t cifs -o username=marco,password=19980928MMCmmc "$nl3b" /mnt/remotes

# Verify if the drives are mounted successfully
if mountpoint -q /mnt/remotes; then
    echo "Shared drives mounted successfully."
    echo "Failed to mount one or more shared drives."





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