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UNRAID NEEDS A BOD (Batter On Deck) read cache.

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UNRAID NEEDS A BOD (Batter On Deck) read cache. It would allow users to pre-cache the files they are going to use.


Use case example, say I’m editing video. I open a project that has a fair amount of large video files. Unraid would automatically load the footage into my timeline onto my read cache SSD then it would load the rest of the footage from my bin into the read cache. It could do this for a whole load of different types of apps.


Or let’s say the app doesn’t play well with others. Unraid could allow you to reference which file types you want to associate to a specific program, and smart folders that references the files you want to cache when a specific project file is opened. Unraid could set up an action that autoloads the BOD files into read cache when that project file is opened.  


While the former might be difficult to implement do to app specific requirements. In my opinion, the latter doesn’t seem that hard to set up. Even if I had to buy an additional cache SSD that is only for BOD files, I’d buy Unraid in a second. Until then, I need a server OS that can read files faster than unraid.

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