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Hi, looking for some advice on hardware for a new build to replace my aging Atlas server. I'd like to keep it under $5k. Here's what I'm wanting to run:

  • Plex server with a 40TB library either on an Ubuntu VM or in a Docker
  • 1-2 Windows VMs that I can connect to remotely to do work in Quickbooks and possibly Rhino if the latency isn't too bad
  • Nextcloud Docker for file storage

I'm thinking 2U is the form factor I'd like since I'm almost out of room in my rack, however, I also want to make it somewhat quiet. Doesn't need to be silent but I don't want it to sound like a jet engine. I already have an X10-DRI-T and 2x E5-2660 v3's laying around. Here's what I'm thinking for hardware:



  • Is it worth getting the backplane with the NVME capability for VM's, docker containers or cache drives?
    • If so, what is the best way to connect to MB to get the most of the speed and reduce bottlenecks?
  • Any recommendations for making it quieter? I've seen several videos of people replacing the mid fans with quieter Noctua's which is what I'm thinking I'll do. Should I also go with liquid cooling for the CPU's or just an active or passive heatsink?
  • Would it be worth getting a low profile graphics card for Plex transcoding?


Thanks in advance for any advice or just confirmation that these parts work.

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