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Is this a worthwhile upgrade?

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Currently have an Intel i7 9700 (8 core), gigabyte Z390 mobo, 32GB DDR4 ram paired with a Radeon RX6800 GPU gaming VM which I have configured to use 16GB ram and 6 out of the 8 cores (not dedicated). Server is used for file shares, Plex (occasional intel transcode) and Arr containers and the gaming VM of course.


I was thinking of maybe upgrading to an Intel 13500, Z790 mobo and 32GB of DDR5 memory with the same graphics card. I like the idea of having the efficiency cores do the Unraid stuff with the 6 performance cores being dedicated to the gaming VM. Apparently the DDR5 can make a fair bit of difference too.


Would I really see much of a difference? Given it is going to cost me approx £500 to upgrade minus whatever I get selling the old bits.

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I had an 8700k and now have an 13600k and the difference is huge. the single core performance was struggling in the 8700k. the 13600k can overclock the p cores to 13700k levels quite easy.


you could keep the 9700 as the unraid and have a dedicated pc.

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