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Huawei RH2288H V3 Server, compatible with UnRaid?

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I have a used Huawei RH2288H V3 Server and none of the drives I install it in will ever show up as choices in UnRaid v6.11.5.

All the drives are correctly listed when the computer boots up, while the boot process is happening.

But nothing shown in UnRaid as "assign'able" nor as "unassigned" either.

I've tried several different drives, 1-by-1 or all installed at once.

Same issue.


Does v6.11.5 not contain the needed drivers?


I reset the BIOS back to "all defaults" just to clear out anything left over from the previous owner.

Same issue.



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Server has a MegaRAID controller, RAID controllers are not recommended, if you really want to use you must create a volume (usually RAID0 or JBOD) for each device, devices should then be assignable, but note that if later you replace the controller with a different one, or move the disks to a different server they likely won't mount.

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Thank you so much.


Does the BIOS sometimes have a "bypass (or turn off) RAID controller" switch?  I don't see one.


How does someone "create a JBOD for each device"? Odd that would instantly make them "unmountable in other devices". I thought JBOD was a pretty generic/universal, but I guess not.


If I can't get this working with UnRaid, I guess it becomes a Windows Server 2022 machine, instead. Or will Widows "StorageSpaces" have the same problems?

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