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Barracuda LP 2TB 5,900 RPM SATA @ Microcenter $59


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I have had both good and horrid experiences with these drives.


when they work, they work. when they don't, well.. its a horror story.


I have been sitting idol waiting for more sub $110 3TB drive sales.


I am down to 6TB of free space (2x 3TB drives). I like to keep at least a few empty drives available.

At this price, I guess i can pick up a few of these today to hold me over until 3TB drives go on sale. This is a pretty good price point per gig. It might be worth the gamble.

I can always find a new home for a 2TB drive if i had to.


At least with microcenter, if they fail in 30days, I can just take them up the road and exchange them.


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