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  1. I had my server built and do not know much about the troubleshooting. I had 2 failed disks and 2 parity drives. I replaced both failed disks and then removed one of my parity drives and upgraded my my unraid to Version 6.7.3-rc4. I think my shares disappeared before upgrading the version though. Guy who built my server is gonna fix it for me but wanted me to post this to get some opinions. He has a idea of what to do but wants to see what others think. I am attaching my syslog and diagnostics. Thanks so much for helpin
  2. I didnt know if there was a dedicated section to ask for help with reports. So I posted here a smart report of my drive that had 532 errors and is disabled by unraid. ST3000DM001-9YN166_S1F0LVLD-20161012-2003.txt
  3. I am sure there are people on here who can figure out what a site tracks. I am looking for help from someone with knowledge about tracking and internet security. If anyone is interested please PM me so I can discuss in more detail. Thanks
  4. I am on 6.1.9 Dunno then, your signature said 6.1.8.... Post some diagnostics. Ensure all your plugins are up to date as well. Community Applications especially. Also you could try installing the "Fix Common Problems" plugin and see if that throws any light on the information. The webUI is way out of date. CA if its installed is miles out of date, but the error itself isn't from CA, as the errors are on the dashboard
  5. There's at least going to be an update for the webUI (plugins - check for updates) install it and then post back (also wouldn't hurt to update to 6.1.9) I installed the webUI updates and went to docker and checked for updates. I still have the same error showing not available and the errors
  6. When I try to search for Docker updates I get an error saying Not Available. I am attaching screen shots to show it better, Thanks
  7. Looking for some help reading my pre clear results on 2 drives. I am still running preclear on 2 8 tb drives that I will post later. I am attaching the results here if I do not attach correct files let me know, thank you preclear_finish_150718RBF54A1515VYWP_2016-03-14.txt preclear_finish_Z300W5T7_2016-03-17.txt
  8. The problem is either my Supermicro SAS card or the sata breakout cables. I removed them and installed 2 rocket raid 2300's and my parity is now running at 100mb/sec and will be finished in 12 more hours. Thanks for the help
  9. I tried with your awesome help and patience. I will be near prostuff1 who built my server years ago and take it to him to see what he finds wrong. I was hoping to get it working with the help of the users here, thanks so much
  10. I removed the Norco that conataind the drives with the errors and replaced it with a new Norco that I had purchased for expansion. I also put the 8tb drive back in for the parity but I am still getting 3Mb/sec for parity sync. I am attaching a new diagnostic file
  11. Is that the only one you see getting the error. What file do you see the error in I tried looking
  12. Sorry, open with notepad and check time: Sorry for being such a noob. We only use our server for storage, plex and nsb grabbing. Havent gotten new shows in 3 weeks because of this, thanks for dealing with my lack of knowledge about this. I deleted a few folders to reduce size