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unraid super slow turning on mounting and dashboard.. and uptime 73 years

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so i having issues..  unraid takes alot longer to boot up..  i added ECC ram to my server  had to switch to a different motherboard as i been having issues lately..

i removed the Parity drive for the time being  why i do upgrading and need for new parts


server says its been up 73 years...    the Mothership website  i think makes my server really slow.. i can ping it but it says it cant  in the logs..


if you set the array on auto mount  it will but its super super slow doing so


if you set the array to no to auto mount and when you reboot.. and try to mount.. i get a Red Error  on a update.htm  file or something i dont have diagnostic  and it wont allow you to mount...  but here is one of the diags  and pic


i checked there is a time page in the settings  the time zone setting is right  apparently  its set to now 2097    i changed the time zone and apply but it wont fix the year... not sure what is going on...   if it was created from the mothership website issue  but i cant change the time.. its a headless server  so i cant change in the bios  so i been trying from  settings page



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i shut down everything  network  switchs  modem servers etc.. and it seems to be working again dunno if it fixed it or not..  does the diagnostics say something broke   i still find it super super slow booting back up does it say  anything why its slow... time fixed itself finally though

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