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Help transferring data from old ReadyNAS/user share won't write to new data disk

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So, a few days ago my trusty ReadyNAS X6 died.  And so began my journey to figure out how to recover/move the data to my new(er) unRAID machine.  So far I've successfully managed to mount my ReadyNAS disks in a Kubuntu VM.  Now my unRAID box was getting full but fortunately (for the short term) I've been using a cache disk, so I elected change that cache disk to a data disk, which seems to have gone successfully.


Unfortunately I'm having a couple issues/questions.


For some reason, I can't get unRAID to use the new data disk when writing to a user share.  I tried creating the share folder in the root of the disk, as well as restarting but that didn't help.  I found this thread but there didn't seem to be a resolution.  It's rather strange, because the web GUI and df report the expected 2TB free on the user share, but I can't write to it.


The other issue, probably more of a question is do you have any suggestions for transferring the data from the linux (virtual) machine to the unRAID box?  I've been playing with rsync, which I think should do it, but my first experiment resulted in everything being owned by root/root, so I had to chown the synced files to make the readable by other machines on the network.  Though I think I've got that sorted that out with different mount.cifs options for mounting the unraid share.


Sorry, I feel very noobish asking these questions, but I know just enough linux probably to get myself in trouble, and my unRAID experience has been basically trouble free so I haven't had to dig into unRAID's inner workings.



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OK, I do feel mildly silly now, I figured out what was going on.  I had my split level set to something "reasonable" I thought.  Problem was, I ran rsync which created the entire (empty) directory structure on one of the almost full original disks before adding the new disk.  This meant that unRAID 'locked' on to that drive and wouldn't write to the new one.


I went through and deleted all the empty directories and now it's operating as expected.


Also I can confirm that my updated mount command results in the proper permissions.

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