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6.12.0-rc6 - Stale /usr/local/sbin/move

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Hello everyone,


I am currently trying to shutdown my server, but I have a stale process of /usr/local/sbin/move accessing /mnt/user. The process runs for 9 days (pretty much the whole uptime of the server) and is stuck in an uninterruptible sleep (d-state). I know that d-state processes are impossible to kill from the user space, but has someone figured out a workaround for stale mover processes? Or can I somehow check on which resources the process is waiting?


I can't be the first one to have that problem and I really don't want to cold shutdown and trigger yet another parity check oO


Any help is appreciated, thank you :)


Additional information:

lsof | grep mnt
move      119294                       root    4r      DIR               0,44      142          1 /mnt/user


ps aux | grep 119294
root     107269  0.0  0.0   4052  2268 pts/2    S+   18:00   0:00 grep 119294
root     119294  0.0  0.0   2568  1584 ?        D    May20   0:19 /usr/local/sbin/move


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