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Unraid slow

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Hi, newbie here, but I have 3 unpaid machines (6.11.5): a new i12100 /32Gb, an older i6700/32Gb and an even older i3 Haswell.

Of course, the 12100 is the most loaded one, (docker, VM, etc.) but nothing too demanding. CPU use seldom rise over 50/60%.

Thing is that the general response of this machine is slow. For example, when updating a plugin, this screen shows:

  • plugin: updating: dynamix.file.manager.plg
  • Executing hook script: pre_plugin_checks

In the older machines, the "executing hook script" last 1 or 2 seconds. In the 12100 last 8/10 seconds. The dockers and the VM are fine but the UI experience is not good, and the plugins, etc. are slow. 

What can cause this?


Tina you and best regards.

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