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Drive unplug notice??

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So, this error has happened a few times, I have no idea how to trace it down.  I am running beta 10, so if I should move this post there, let me know, but I'm pretty sure it happened running 4.7 too.  Please see attached syslog, problems start today at ~11:55. 


Sometimes, this will cause the entire system to hang.  Thought I might have a bad drive on 4.7, so I took it out and it stopped, but now every once in a while, I'll access the server to find a movie to copy over or something and this happens.  Other times, it just fills up the syslog until I reboot.  I am stumped.




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1.I see that you often have power outages and that during some of them you are losing the network. You should put your router and switch if used on the UPS too.


2. Depending on you configuration (number of drives, PSU and UPS wattage used, state of battery) I suspect you may have some memory errors during these outages.

Once booted Unraid is run from the memory and if you get a random bit flipped somewhere in the critical area that may manifest in the way you describe it.


There is a reason that every commercial server uses ECC and UPS but the importance of these features is not stressed enough.


Unfortunately I am not Linux savvy to say if any of the ECC reporting capabilities are build into the kernel (or can be added in some way) to make it a clear to everyone.

And I am getting at least 10 power outages a day myself.



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