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Easiest way to add and remove drives?

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Im in the process of moving my readynas 314 server over to unraid. I have 4 14tb exos drives in the readynas and 6 3tb wd reds in the unraid server. Currently the server is build with a party. I only have 16tb of data on the ready nas so im going to copy over everything i can fit to unraid, then move the rest to my pc for copy later. 


Once this is finished im going to remove the drives from my readynas and put them in unraid. My issue is that i only have 6 sata ports so i cant add more drives without removing one first. What would be the easyest method to remove these over? Im assuming id need to remove one at a time and then let it rebuild the party? is there another faster method or is this it?



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Ill update for anyone else looking for the same advice. 


I installed all 4 of my 14tb exos drives that showed up as unassigned. I then removed my parity drive, and replaced it with one of the 14tb drives and started the rebuild process. I then used preclear to clear out the other 3 14tb drives and once the parity finished (24h) I was then able to add the other 3 drives without issue and no rebuild needed because of the preclear. Im now running a preclear on the replaced 3tb parity drive and will re-add that once its finished.   

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