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UI slow or unable to fully load (drives, dashboard stats, et al)

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Been having this issue for awhile where either the logs of docker containers or the unraid log won't load, (Chromium: BRAVE) sometimes it'll work in Safari, but right now, the ui loads but the drives don't show. Just a blank section where they should be. Often times the docker page loads extremely slowly. I have taken the liberty per other forum threads to delete the docker image and re-do it. That sadly deleted my docker networks, but I can fix that. Still not sure what is going on, been like this for about a year. Diag attached.four8server-diagnostics-20230606-1255.zip


what it should look like: 


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Do you have any ad-blockers installed?  If so you should make sure you white-list your Unraid server as they have been known to interfere with the Unraid GUI.


you might want to also turn off anything that provides custom themes to the GUI in case that is the cause of the issue.



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I was writing a response because I had the same issue and went to check something on the UI an suddenly it was working again?

I did a reboot because I thought that might fix the issue but after the reboot when I checked at first the problem persisted, then suddenly a few minutes later it seems to have fixed itself.


I want to add that I don't think it's an ad-blocker issue, because I had the problem regardless of browser and now it's working again even on my browsers with uBlock origin.


If rebooting doesn't fix it then maybe here's an useful thread I found.


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